Thursday 24 August 2017

The Emoji Movie Poseable Light-Up Figures Review (age 3+) for Flair Toys.

I admit I'm not a particular fan of emoji's (although I use them often), but my 7 year old is, so this review was made for him. We've been sent The Emoji Movie Poseable Light-Up characters Poop and Gene to review.

There are 3 different poseable light-up characters available. As well as Poop and Gene, you can also buy the figure Jailbreak. These are 3 of the main characters from Sony Pictures recent release The Emoji Movie - a tragic and deeply moving tale of the secret world full of animated characters who live inside a Smartphone. A rogue app is about to wreak havoc and risk that ultimate of nightmares, a factory reset - I'm sure we've all experienced that pain at least once.

Packaging is plastic heavy, however quick to remove with a pair of scissors, so no points for environment, but Christmas morning friendly.

Included with each character is a large disc speech bubble stand with 2 pegs - the figures stand up really well and have surprisingly good balance for how top heavy they are.

You can wave the character's left arm and this is the 'switch' to turn on the light. Poop's bow tie lights up and with Gene his whole mouth lights up. The arm actually returns to position when you let go and the light turns off immediately. Your character is only going to be lit when you are holding his hand.

You can clearly see here the level of articulation that these characters have. I'll be honest, it doesn't really count. The legs don't turn and arm movement is minimal. Their right arm will stay in position if you raise it, but you can convey exactly the emotional range that you can with a single typed emoji :-)

The 'light up' function is a bit hit and miss. Poop's bow tie is very disappointing and quite dim, but with Gene's yellow head and larger light up area is pretty effective.

Obviously I'm not a huge fan. I think they're a poor night light, a pretty useless torch, they aren't cuddly and you can't position them into a comedy pose for the display shelf. They are however designed for children aged 3+ and my 7 year old thinks they're brilliant (as will some adult collectors). He loves them and sits at his computer holding their little hands and watching The Emoji Movie trailer on repeat. He sees something I can't.

I've learnt to my cost that you can refuse to get your children what they ask for, and instead lovingly select something else that you like, but often it then spends it's entire life in the cupboard or becomes that re-gifted unopened item you discover in a drawer in May. My 7 year old finds huge value from these toys, he's delighted with them and ultimately he's the customer.

The Emoji Movie Poseable Light-Up Figures are made by Flair and available now from toy shops including Amazon, where they are currently fetching £22 or Toys R Us, where they retail at the rrp of £14.99. 

We were sent our The Emoji Movie Light Up Figures for review.


  1. Totally agree with all you wrote. Not a great light but my kids also love them!

    1. Cheers bizzimummy - they obviously found some secret formula because my youngest really does love them :D

  2. I like that they light up. I think they'd be good for a middle of the night night light. I didn't like the film but the kids loved it and these look like something they'd love x

    1. I can imagine my 7 year old trekking down our hallway in the middle of the night holding Gene by the hand - I have to agree that's good, but then how would he have a wee and keep the light on at the same time? :D


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