Monday 7 January 2019

Party Season Women's Clothes with Fashion World

Fashion World is an online clothing store which promises great prices, huge range and good quality clothes.  Before Christmas they sent me some lovely items which I was really excited about wearing - then I got flu. My clothes remained in their bags while I was ill, all I wore for 2 weeks over Christmas was pyjamas.

Finally I am almost human again, although running a cracking temperature and a bit red-faced still, but dressing up makes anyone smile. On Sunday (which also happened to be 12th night) my partner and my 10 year old took some photos of me in my new outfits. Please excuse the fluffy socks, that didn't occur to me until we'd taken half the photos, and my male family members clearly aren't bothered by labels or hanger straps!

If you know me then you'll know I never wear trousers and I'm usually seen in a long skirt or dress. I really went for the party look with my first item, the Stretch Jersey Glitter Maxi Skirt in 'black glitter'. This is such a timeless design that I hope to be wearing it for Christmas parties in 10 years time.

I'm really impressed. The fabric is gorgeous and this is a soft skirt with a lot of lightweight material and a good 'swing' to it. Perfect for dancing. The elasticated waistband is ideal for my tummy too. Light and floaty, which wasn't what I was expecting and is a very welcome surprise.

Less dressy and with colder evenings at home in mind, I really fell for the Oasis Curve Sally Colourblock Jumper as soon as I saw it. Very 80's in style and in muted colours I love, I ordered big to be super comfy. Then I lost another 7lbs when I was ill, so it's really a little oversized, but I honestly don't care.

This jumper is so incredibly soft that I feel completely snuggled and cared for in it. I could wear this all Winter and be happy. I was asleep and dreaming sweet dreams within 5 minutes last time I put it on and that's good enough for me - while I'm still a bit ill at least. I probably won't get away with that forever...

Sadly this is showing as no longer available, but I'll be looking out for Oasis jumpers in future because this has everything I could ever want.

When I tried on the Together Cotton Skirt my partner assumed it was my own - it is now. This is exactly my style and a lovely example of the kind of skirt I love to wear. The pattern is quite bold, but the colour choices are classic and match so many other colours that it'll be really handy.

This is a really well made example of this type of 'bohemian' skirt. They're often left unfinished and the material is thin, but not in this case. It is more for the other seasons than for Winter, but with another elasticated waistband. something very comfortable that I'm enjoying wearing while I recover from flu.

Finally was my showstopper and the dress which I was planning to wear on Christmas day! That didn't happen this year at least, but the Quiz Curve Velour Geo Print Dress in black and silver really does make me feel special.

Fashion World work in sizes up to 32, and have lots of really flattering and well-made clothes available for larger ladies. Curves are celebrated here and Fashion World have a massive variety of women's dresses, with not a tent in sight.

The print is a little rough, but isn't scratchy and it's worth it for that vibrant silver. I love that this dress is so sparkly, but not 'pink and fluffy', which wouldn't be my style. The tulip cut is very flattering and hides my tummy (and my hernia) well, and there's a belt which can be worn fastened at the front or behind.

I would never assume that a dress which looks and feels as good as this could be priced so reasonably, it's opened my eyes. In the past I've paid double for something I wasn't so keen on, so I'll certainly be looking online first in future.

Fashion World isn't a site I've used before, but I will definitely use it now. The Spring ranges are coming into stock and the prices are also very good. The brands stocked are varied and really good quality, and I might be getting slightly slimmer, but it's still great to go to a site which has plenty to offer someone with curves. The sale is well worth a visit, with lots of items half price.

My clothes are:
Stretch Jersey Glitter Maxi Skirt rrp £45, currently £40.50. Sizes 10-24 currently available.
Oasis Curve Sally Colourblock Jumper rrp £38 - not currently available. See the whole range of  Women's jumpers instead.
Together Cotton Skirt rrp £35, currently £16. Sizes 10-16 currently still available.
Quiz Curve Velour Geo Print Dress rrp £45, currently £24.75. Sizes 16-26 currently available.

The photography is the work of my partner and 10 year old son and I'm not the most confident model, especially when I'm ill. Yes, I see that label, and the hanger straps, my photographers obviously didn't notice these minor details. We have to let them off because they've been really poorly too. Also, I'm not sure what happened with my hair there, it obviously objected to one of my quick changes. I could have photoshopped it all perfect, but that would be cheating. The moral of this post is - look at yourself in a mirror before you let someone take the photo.


  1. You are a fabulous model that Dress looks amazing on you (what a bargain as well!) and I love the glittery skirt on you too! Glad you are all on the mend again! xx

    1. Awwww, thank you AK! That's so lovely. I'm thinking I might wear it for BlogOn :D I'm so happy I'm on the mend, it feels like I was ill forever :D x

  2. You look great, and the clothes are gorgeous on you :) Feel properly better soon x

    1. Thank you Kerrie, you are lovely x I do look a bit rougher than usual, but not as bad as last week, so it's a big improvement! :D

  3. These are lovely. You look very glam and they suit you. I hope you are on the mend xx

    1. Awww thank you x Very much on the mend, just feeling my age and some :D x


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