Wednesday 16 January 2019

Treads Boys Black School Shoes 1 Year Guarantee Put To The Test

I promised I'd be back and I am! Treads are a relatively new company who make their children's school shoes as durable as possible. They're so sure your child won't go through the toes or scrape through the leather that they offer a 1 year guarantee. My boys Treads shoes still fit and they are now 9 months old... so what do they look like now?

Underside view of brand new shoe with rubber moulded sole

To refresh your memory, Treads make shoes in sizes from 12 1/2 to 'big foot ' 11, so fit most junior/Key Stage 2 children or older. This is what the Treads school shoes looked like when I first reviewed them and they were brand new - you can find my initial thoughts and an explanation of some of the technology in my Treads School Shoes Review.

My youngest son chose a quite traditional style with an easy to use 'hook and loop' Velco-type fastening.

Standard new black 'velcro' fastening school shoes in box

His older brother chose a more grown up, slip-on style of shoe.

Black slip on boys school shoes in box ready for wearing and review

When I revisited the shoes for a blog post in August, they were showing a little bit of wear, but overall we were very pleased. As predicted my youngest had given his shoes the usual hard life, but the leather was intact and so were the soles. We had no leaks, holes or loose threads. (In the background are his previous 2 pairs of shoes which he'd destroyed in under 3 months for both pairs).

Treads Boys Black School Shoes 4 months old slightly scuffed

You can find that 4 month Treads Shoes update post here. My rather more delicate 10 year old had been kinder and less heavy on his shoes.

Treads Boys Black School Shoes 2 styles side by side, one pair scuffed, 4 months wear

So, after another 5 months, with the Treads school shoes still fitting well and comfortable, and now aged a positively geriatric 9 whole months, how are they doing?.....

Drum Roll Please....

two boys feet on grass showing their school shoes aged 9 months

Yep - both boys are still wearing their Treads shoes. It's a near-miracle.

one pair madrid treads school shoes reviewed

It is January in Manchester, so excuse the lighting, mud, bits of grass etc. This is a REAL review. Stunningly even my youngest hasn't broken the leather. The soles are perfect and there is still plenty of that deep tread left on the insole. This is good because forecasts suggest we'll get to test how slippy they are on ice later this week...

one pair milan treads school shoes 9 months old

I'm so pleased with these. They cost £45 a pair with free delivery and free returns for that 1 year guarantee. It's so worth it. I'd have spent more and been more infuriated and far more inconvenienced buying cheaper pairs and having to replace them. I honestly can't fault Treads, they've done a great job.

treads school shoes black shown on lino flooring

Treads started out with black school shoes in boy's styles for around age 6+, but they've also been working on girl's shoes for the past year and there are now 2 styles available in sizes 13.5 - 7, with more on the way no doubt. 

You can find out all about the technology, the really easy method of home measuring, the guarantee, the dual-fitting and of course, the shoes themselves on the Treads Indestructible Black School Shoes website. We highly recommend them.

UPDATE: They lasted the whole school year! Almost 4 terms in total and over a year's wear. My boys will need new shoes for September because they've grown. We weren't the only ones who were as pleased with how well Treads did - AK over at The German Wife has also revisited her Treads shoes 1 year later.

I was originally sent my sons' Treads School Shoes for an initial review. I think they were surprised I did another post. Hopefully they'll be surprised and smiling a big smile when they see this one!


  1. Amazing! I urgently need a pair of those! My 11 year old boy went through a pair of school shoes in almost six weeks. I found out that after school he would play a football match wearing his school shoes. Quickly his shoes were getting ruined: first, the soles began to come off and then the shoe toe stitching split off, revealing even his socks!

    1. My youngest is a devil for that. He loves football and doesn't think twice about what he's wearing. Mind you, I caught both of them wearing their school shoes yesterday on the trampoline in snow! What's wrong with wellies!! :D

  2. What a great performance review about the school shoes I like you was very dubious if they really are as good as Treads promised and I am amazed how unscuffed Finns Madrid pair is!!

    1. They really were very impressive. I'd be delighted to find any as good!


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