Monday 25 March 2019

Easter Egg Hunting with Transformers BotBots Age 5+ (Sent by Hasbro for review)

This Easter why not ease off the sugar and give your children something that'll last a little bit longer. We always try to find small toys to go with the chocolate eggs for our Easter Egg Hunt and the BotBots that we've been sent to review by Hasbro are perfect.

Twerple Burple, who is disguised as a soft drink Transformers Bot Bots review

These are 'Blind bag' collectible miniature transforming rubber robots, which come in different tribes for you to collect and battle with...

Transformers Bot Bots review single pack blister packaging

Each BotBot comes packaged in a mainly cardboard blister pack which has a clever way of opening. There is a plastic bubble at the front, a rip off section at the back and then you press the bubble and pop out your BotBot.

Transformers Bot Bots review rear view single pack blister packaging

The packaging maintains the secrecy of the 'blind bag' but keeps plastic waste minimal. I prefer it, but there's always room for more improvement.

Transformers BotBots review Spud Muffin disguised as fries

Inside the packaging bubble you have your Bot Bot plus instructions. Each BotBot has their own instruction leaflet, but once you've transformed a few you will soon get the hang of what needs to move and how.

Transformers BotBots review Spud Muffin fries robot transformed

The BotBots backstory is that a "flowing mist of Energon came down from the sky and covered a shopping mall" transforming some of the objects inside into Transformers, who can hide amongst the ordinary items in the mall. They are grouped into tribes depending on where they are in the mall:

Backpack Bunch
Greaser Gang
Jock Squad
The Lost Bots
Shed Heads
Sugar Shocks
Techie Team
Toilet Troop

Transformers BotBots review line of 4 regular mall items

We've got two of the Greaser Gang - Twerple Burple, who is disguised as a soft drink, and Spud Muffin, who is very well disguised as a bag of fries. Fomo from the Techie Team is an action camera and Fun Gus from the Shed Heads is a fungus!

Transformers BotBots review line of 4 characters robot transformed

I really like the way these transform and so do my boys. Pulling the little legs out is tricky because they're hard to grab hold of, but otherwise they are easy to transform and very cute. The favourite here is Fun Gus. He's so very different as a Transformer robot and almost looks like he has his own superhero cape...

Transformers BotBots review character Fun Gus fungus robot transformed

They're a great little toy and bound to be very popular with youngsters. I like the fact they are also available in the larger bundle blister packs, and you can see some of the characters you will get in those, so you aren't held entirely to random chance if you don't want to be.

Transformers BotBots review character Fomo being used as an action camera by a boy

Series 1 has 61 different BotBots to collect across 3 assortments - single 'blind bag' blister packs, 5 packs or or larger 8 packs. There are 24 available characters in the blind bag single packs. You can find out more and check out the entire range at the Transformers BotBots website.

BotBots are are available now priced £2.99rrp for a single pack, £9.99rrp for a 5 pack and £8.99rrp for an 8 pack. You can find them in Smyths, Argos and online at Amazon - beware paying over the odds for imported stock now that they are available in the UK.

Here are some handy Amazon affiliate links - they don't cost you any more, but I earn a few pence if you buy through my link. It helps keep the website running.

We were sent our BotBots for review by Hasbro. 


  1. These look great fun. A fab alternative to chocolate. My little boy would love these xx

  2. Replies
    1. Awesome. They're onw of my favourite small toys like this - very interesting characters :)


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