Saturday 7 December 2019

Christmas Hero Box Sets for the hero in your life (With FOX Home Entertainment)

My family are big movie fans. We rarely watch TV Shows, and I don't recognise any of the reality TV or soap stars, but we soak up movies and film night is a regular occurrence. Christmas is a time for classics, and Fox Home Entertainment have sent me 3 of their Hero Box Sets to look at: The Rocky Collectors Gift Set, The Clint Eastwood Collection and The Die Hard 1-5 Legacy Collection.

All of which will be under the tree on Christmas morning for my partner...

There is also a chance for one of my followers on Twitter to win all 3 of these box sets themselves - you can find my Fox Heroes Blu-Ray Box Sets giveaway here, and it closes at midnight Wednesday 11th December. 

Fox Heroes Rocky complete collection box set

The Rocky Collectors Gift Set features all 6 Rocky movies on 6 discs - including that iconic run down the steps which Sylvester Stallone recreated at Bolton Town Hall a couple of years ago for Warburtons, and the 2006 Rocky Balboa movie, set 30 years after the original film.

My partner talks very fondly about these movies - Rocky was hugely popular when he was at school, even though none of his friends had actually seen the movies because they were too young! Enough nostalgia for any Dad or Grandad... Rated 12. Currently at the bargain price of £7.99 DVD / £15.98 Blu-ray.

Fox Heroes Clint Eastwood Collection box set

The Clint Eastwood Collection features 4 of his classic Westerns on 4 discs. The Sergio Leone trilogy: A Fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, as well as Hang ‘Em High.

I grew up watching these movies with my Dad, and even my 9 year old can whistle Clint Eastwood's 'theme tune'. My partner has made a real point of watching these with his children once they're old enough. Timeless comedy action. Rated 18 and currently great value at £7.50 on DVD.

die hard legacy collection

The Die Hard 1-5 Legacy Collection is for me Christmas in a box. Never initially intended as a 'Christmas movie', my family watch a couple of Die Hard movies every Christmas. What could be more nostalgic and festive than Bruce Willis in the snow outsmarting a genius evil bad guy?

The humour in the Die Hard films really adds so much and it's one of the things that my partner really enjoys. Be warned, you may never take a flight at Christmas ever again... Die Hard - Legacy Collection (Films 1-5) on 5 discs. Rated 18. Currently incredibly well priced at £9.63 DVD / £10.50 Blu-ray.

All of these movie collections and many more are currently available at excellent prices in the Fox Hero shop on Amazon

We have been sent the 3 movie box sets mentioned in this post, in return for writing my thoughts on each collection, and hosting the Twitter giveaway! 

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