Thursday 12 December 2019

Hannah The Spanner And The Polar Bears Children's Story Book Review

Hannah The Spanner And The Polar Bears is a Christmas story book set on Christmas Eve, and it's the 7th in the Hannah The Spanner series written and illustrated by Stuart Simmonds and Bill Greenhead.

Hannah has some zany adventures and this tale features one of them, and it's definitely not the sort of thing that usually happens on Christmas Eve...

Hannah The Spanner And The Polar Bears Children's Story Book Review

The Hannah The Spanner books are big, bold and colourful, which is kind of like Hannah herself. This is a longer 64 page story, which starts with a boring trip to the superstore and a surprise wink from a polar bear soft toy. We see him again, and he's even more animated.

Hannah and her sister are aghast as a polar bear comes out of the fireplace covered in black soot

As with all of the best Christmas stories, someone needs help, and it's up to Hannah to provide it. The reindeer are out of action after eating some dodgy pork pies over Kent, and the polar bears are needed to save Christmas! Will they manage?

It's a children's story book and it's Christmas, what do you think!?

Hannah The Spanner And The Polar Bears help Santa move his sleigh

The illustrations are great, there is loads to look at and I read the story to my 9 and 11 year old boys, who are over the usual age for reading together, and they both really enjoyed it. We all laughed at the end.

Hannah The Spanner And The Polar Bears is different and it's magical, and it has all of the elements you need for a Christmas Eve story. Ideal for reading together, or for independent readers 6+. 

If you like the sound of this, I have previously reviewed another of the series - Hannah The Spanner And The Trip To The Moon.

The Hannah The Spanner series are published by StuHead Publishing in large format with full colour and a glossy paperback cover. Hannah The Spanner And The Polar Bears has 64 pages, and rrp £9.99. Available to buy now direct from StuHead or good bookshops instore or online, including Amazon (affiliate link below):

We were sent our copy of Hannah The Spanner and the Polar Bears for review by the author. Amazon links are affiliate, which is a few pence thank you to me if you buy through my link, but you don't pay any more. It helps keep free self-published and small publisher book reviews on the blog.

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