Tuesday 3 December 2019

Giving STEM Toys For Christmas with Brainstorm Toys (sent for review).

Anyone who has ever read my blog knows that I'm a huge fan of STEM toys. I love toys which inspire children to learn more about their world. How does it work? Why does it do that? How can I change it? Can I make it better?

These are questions our Scientists, Technology Experts, Engineers and Mathematicians of the future need to be allowed to ask, and as they find out their answers, your children will be learning skills which will last them a lifetime.

Brainstorm Toys are a household favourite and we've been buying them for our children since they were small. We've also reviewed loads over the past few years, and the links are all at the bottom of this post. They've sent us a selection of toys which I'll be putting away to give to my boys for Christmas.

On Friday 6th December at 6pm, Brainstorm are hosting a Twitter Party where they'll be giving away lots of fun educational toys. I'll be there, and if you have any questions then this is your chance to ask the professionals - and the bloggers and other parents.

Brainstorm STEM toys for Christmas arranged on table including dinosaurs stars stikbots

STEM Toys make excellent gifts because you are giving the child much more than 'a toy'. You will be helping them to grow, and you may be introducing them to a passion they'll have forever.

See The World Through Others' Eyes (around £14.99) is a great set with a pair of special goggles and a big selection of different lenses, which allow you to see the world in the same way as a shark, or a T-Rex, or loads of other animals. This is particularly relevant and interesting to us, because both of my young boys are colourblind.

The Stikbot Mega Monster, Gigantus, (rrp £8.50) is a mean looking fellow! He's also pretty cute, let's be honest. We've had great fun with Stikbots in the past. We even made an epic 42 second dinosaur movie.

Stikbot Mega Monster, Gigantus green hulk

The Dinosaur Projector & Nightlight (rrp £9.99) has 24 different dinosaur images and they work really well. We have the Space version already and the images are really very clear, especially this time of year.

Dinosaur night light and projector from Brainstorm Toys

Eugy Dodoland 3D Puzzle craft kits (around £7.50 each) are incredibly beautiful and very tactile, and there is a huge range to choose from.  We've been sent Wolf and Stego.

Eugy dodoland 3D model animals dinosaurs wolf stego

Inside the box are sheets of thick card, glue, and an eye. It's lovely material and the muted colours are gorgeous.

Eugy Dodoland 3D model animals dinosaurs whats in the box

Glowstars (around £2.50 each) are also something we're very familiar with - I've got a nice constellation beside my own bed. We raised 7 children and rooms changed over the years, but no-one ever wants to move the stars. Every bedroom in our house has galaxies, comets and planets each night.

Glowstars Galaxy with luminous stars comets etc

The Addict-A-Ball (rrp £14.99) is something we are very familiar with here, we've bought these as presents a few times. Bizarrely I now realise I forgot to include this in my group photos.

Addict A Ball Maze from Brainstorm Toys

They really are genuinely something you fail at a million times, but still don't mind trying again. My partner is getting this Large Maze for Christmas. He LOVES them.

Brainstorm Addict A Ball collage with various sides shown

Don't forget the Twitter party - 6pm Friday 6th December! 

To see all of the brands and products they distribute, including Brainstorm, Eugy, Stikbot, Glow Stars and more. take a look at the Brainstorm Toys website. Amazon affiliate links to the products below: 

We were sent our box of toys as a gift for my boys for Christmas, and to take a look at ahead of the Twitter Party - no-one tell the boys anything! Shushhhh. Amazon links are affiliate, which earns me a few pence if you buy through my link, because it's a rare time I don't have to open the boxes and let the boys play with them. Thank you Brainstorm. 


  1. Is it wrong that I want a eugy! and yes they have a dragon!!

    1. No - I'm with you! They're utterly gorgeous. We've had tons of puzzle creatures over the years, but the colours and decoration on the Eugy models are beautiful. I love that wolf :D

  2. How cool do these toys look? I love stem toys. They really are one of the best things about being a kid these days xx


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