Monday 9 October 2017

Brainstorm Toys for Space Loving Kids!

Brainstorm make great toys for kids who like to think and they've a huge range of toys for children with an interest in space. Tonight 7pm-8.30pm they'll be hosting a Space Week Twitter Party and they've sent me an awesome selection to take a look at ahead of the party. It's only just arrived, so I haven't been able to review anything properly unfortunately - however on the plus side that means my boys haven't seen it, so I can repackage and hide some of it for Christmas!

The Rocket Projector & Room Guard (rrp £29.99) is suitable for children aged 6+. It's really easy to open and has barely any plastic packaging, great for Christmas morning. It does take 3 x AA batteries (not included), so you'll need to get those ready plus a small crosshead screwdriver to install them.

There's a focus wheel and it will project images up to 1 metre wide depending on how far away your flat surface is. The projector can stand up on it's launch pad or be mounted 'flying' on the wall, so will suit almost all bedrooms. At 35cm high it's a good size!

The rocket also has a motion detector and can be used as a room guard, with lights and sounds to warn you of unexpected alien invasions visitors. As a nice touch there's a great sticker for your bedroom door to warn people that you do have a rocket alarm!

My Very Own R/C Illuminated Solar System (rrp £39.99) is what I'd call an orrery. Suitable for age 6+ and again very well packaged mainly in card. It's easy to open on Christmas morning, but this massive 85cm diameter max remote control model needs to be assembled and fastened to the ceiling before you can play with it. Also takes 3 x AA and 2 x AAA batteries (not included), which you'll need a small crosshead screwdriver to install.

Eight planets travel in 3 different orbits around the illuminated sun, suspended on stiff wire, and controlled by the child on the ground. It's really impressive - I'm very excited about this going up. It should be easy to install with the included fixings. The light is obviously a warm glow without any harsh blue tones, so should be ideal for bedtime or as a nightlight.

The remote control is tiny! Make sure your child has a safe place to keep it, where it won't get knocked down the back of the cupboard, or their fun will be short-lived.

Glow Stars And Planets (rrp £4.99) are a must have for every bedroom - who doesn't love these?  Suitable for age 3+ this set comprises 35 plastic stars, 8 planets and sticky pads to affix them to the wall, ceiling or other surfaces. I love that the planets are included. They're a nice size and well-decorated. The perfect stockingfiller.

Space Explorer Room Projector (rrp £14.99) is a really quite neat toy that is suitable for age 6+. Hardly any packaging, this is a great one for Christmas morning although you will need that small crosshead screwdriver again to install the 3 x AA batteries (not included).

Again this projects images up to 1 metre wide depending on where you position it in the room and you focus by turning the lens cap. With 2 different modes, you can use it as a projector or also as a room lamp. The images that the projector uses are all supplied by NASA and depict everything from Astronauts to Nebula to Planet Earth...

I'm impressed with the whole range and I find it very exciting. Brainstorm have been a brand we've bought many times for our children and the toys are always well made and last a long time. They crossover between toy and educational experience in a way that makes them appeal to the grown ups as much as the children. Prices are good and you get your money's worth.

Don't miss the Twitter party tonight for your chance to win Space goodies from Brainstorm for your children...or yourself... I'm really tempted by that orrery.... No-one would ever know, would they?


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