Wednesday 18 October 2017

Ravensburger 3D Puzzle Review. Jigsaws for people who don't do jigsaws.

I'm not a person you'd usually associate with jigsaws, but when I saw the Ravensburger VW T1 Campervan Puzzle at BlogOn I was smitten. The model is a plastic 3D camper built using jigsaw pieces and they were kind enough to let me review it. I was also fascinated to see if it was the most fragile thing on the planet.

This is a 162 piece puzzle from Ravensburger's 3D range, recommended for age 10+ and measuring around 30cm (1ft) long when completed. And it's a Volkswagen Campervan. I've written about Volkswagens before - I've been travelling in them for the last 15 years.

The small parts are bagged and in this set the chassis comes as a complete piece. You also have a 2 part roof and the all-important surf board. (I have never been surfing ever).

Unlike a traditional jigsaw, these pieces are numbered and each has an arrow to show the position of the next piece. 'Building by numbers'.

Some pieces are corners and have to be bent into shape. They're really well done and can't easily be overbent because shaping on the back prevents it.

The model is recommended for age 10+ and although my 7 and 9 year old boys both built 1/3 each, they both passed it on for me to finish. As you progress obviously you have more change of knocking the model out of shape or accidentally destroying a wheel arch, but it is actually incredibly stable.

 It's also a really gorgeous model and a very satisfying build.

Obviously if you haven't had a 7 year old helping and you have plenty of time, you can get the sides even straighter, but the model is really nicely shaped and very true to the actual silhouette of a Splitscreen Campervan.

It's cutest angle is definitely as it drives off into the sunset on it's very slow adventure, and another quest to find rare parts, thermal gloves and vintage vehicle mechanics across the land..

Ravensburger make tons of different puzzles, games and craft supplies, they even make cardboard jigsaws for the traditionalists. You can check out the entire range on the Ravensburger website.

Our VW T1 Campervan Puzzle is available to buy now from toy shops nationwide and online including on Amazon rrp £21.99 (currently £18.55 on Amazon with Prime delivery).

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