Tuesday 24 October 2017

Labyrinth Family Game Review (age 7+) for Ravensburger

Labyrinth is a long-standing best-seller among family board games and it's easy to see why. The rules are easy to learn and although chance plays a large part for a novice, experience, tactics and skill can create an expert and a much more competitive match.

The game is comprised of a board with fixed maze parts, 34 movable maze parts, 24 Treasure Cards, 4 player pieces and instructions. The maze parts and Treasure Cards all need to be pressed from large card sheets, so allow 10 minutes before first play.

The maze is completed randomly before you start, and gameplay is by moving a row or column one space using the 1 extra maze piece which won't fit. On your turn you can slide the extra piece into play anywhere that moves along the edges of the board, except where it was previously pushed out from.

The aim of the game is to collect treasure. Before play starts each player is dealt a share of the Treasure Cards and you must land on the corresponding part of the maze to claim each prize. Once you have landed on all of your treasure spaces, you are the winner.

On each move, after moving the maze one space, you can travel any distance along the maze as long as there is a solid path. This is where tactics can really come into play. Often it's easier to get to your treasure over a 14 space long path than when you are standing near to it!

Labyrinth is so simple to learn that play can be almost instant out of the box. Set up only takes a couple of minutes and as long as you aren't playing against a master tactician or complete novice, a complete game can last less than 30 minutes.

The age range is right because it can be frustrating trying to see a path to your treasure, especially when the other players keep moving the maze! This might have been an issue for my 7 1/2 year old, except that instead he understood the game very quickly and could see moves ahead that we didn't spot. Age doesn't necessarily mean an advantage.

A great family game that anyone can play and is perfect for when you want something lightweight and quick. An excellent price for a very nicely made and beautifully illustrated board game.

Labyrinth is suitable for 2-4 players aged 7+. Available to buy now from all good toy shops instore or online, including from Smyths (currently £16.99) or Amazon.

Ravensburger sent our copy of Labyrinth for review.

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