Sunday 15 October 2017

38 Months #TBCSmiles

Autumn has arrived with a bump. The lawn is a thick carpet of leaves and the heating is going on at both ends of the day. The children my boys play with all go home when the lights come on, and that's becoming increasingly early now. Pumpkins are everywhere and Christmas is coming. It's a natural time for contemplation.

The last month has been a steady one for us. It saw a return to College and Uni for 3 of our big kids and a much emptier house, which is taking a bit of getting used to. It's also my busiest period of the year in the run up to Christmas, so I've been working until the early hours most nights. It's a distraction I'm well aware of, and grateful for.

The past month has seemed to be full of births and losses. It never evens out, although in the grand scheme it should, the sadness from those who've gone is never cancelled out by the joy at those newly born. My heart melts at the sight of a precious infant safely delivered, but my thoughts linger with those who are in the fog of grief.
"You just go on. And then one day... you wake up and it's just the slightest bit better. That's the way it changes, little by little... small increments." The Believers, 1987

I won't include this photo in the smiles because there is no smile, but this photo is pure love, and hope. Never let go of hope. Sometimes it seems it's the only thing left, but it can help you find the greatest of wealth.

We've had plenty of smiles this month. With Christmas coming we've had some amazing reviews recently, a trip to see Grandma, 2 visits to LEGOLAND Discovery Centre and a 9th birthday.

You've also supplied hundreds of gorgeous smiles on Instagram, thank you to everyone who joins in. Everyone is welcome, collecting your smiles and looking back at how many you found can brighten any day. Use the hashtag #TBCSmiles to get involved.

We had loads of children this month and not a single pumpkin photo! It's never an easy task to choose some for a collage - my OH was to blame for this month's selection of some of the brightest smiles..

The instagrammers who shared these big grins are:

By next month we'll have had Halloween and Bonfire Night and Christmas will be fast approaching. Remember that the greatest gift you can give your family is time, everything else is just sparkle.

We collect our smiles because life carries on, and it's too easy to just focus on the bad stuff.


  1. No truer a word set lovely and one we all need reminding of. I do love these smiles and they make the best day and posts x

    1. Thanks Susan. I love these posts too - they're such a great bunch to go through. Thank you so much for always joining in and sharing yours :)


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