Wednesday 5 February 2020

Maki Stack Family Game Review (Age 7+) Sent by Asmodee Blogger Board Game Club

Our first Spring game review for Asmodee's Blogger Board Game Club is Maki Stack, and we were sent this to take a look at last week. A mildly physical team game for 4-6 (or more) players aged 7+, which requires dexterity and co-ordination, but you remain sitting in your chair.

All players have to do is recreate the stack of delicious sushi shown on the card. Think it sounds too easy? Did I mention the blindfold, and the 2 person chopsticks?

Maki Stack Family Game Review for Asmodee Blue Orange pack shot

Inside the box are beautiful wooden playing pieces representing different sushi meal items, plus blindfolds and instruction leaflet. The Earth-friendliness is spoilt a little bit by a big plastic insert, but it isn't single use. It could easily be updated to cardboard instead though.

Maki Stack game review box contents wooden playing pieces sushi soy sauce bowl etc

The rules are simple. Shuffle and stack the game cards on the table. Each has an image showing whether it is an individual challenge Blindfold Round or a two-player co-operative Chopsticks Round.

Maki Stack family game cards chopsticks and blindfold rounds

Players have to copy what is shown on the reverse side of the card. If you've got 3 players (or more) in a team or it is a blindfold round, the active players don't see the cards themselves, the other players describe them instead.

Maki Stack family sushi game card examples

You are against the other team, and this is a race. With the Blindfold Round both active players must listen carefully as their team-mates describe the card, and tell them which way up everything should be! They're gorgeous blindfolds that work exceptionally well, and make you look like a Ninja.

Maki Stack family game gameplay blindfold round blue orange

For the Chopsticks Round two of the players from each team get a pointy finger at the ready and work together. Form a pair of chopsticks to recreate the balancing act shown on the card. This is especially tricky because you need to apply equal pressure and really cooperate with how fast you move. It's also hilarious.

Maki Stack gameplay 4 players chopsticks round gameplay examples

First team to collect 6 cards wins the game, and there are also different challenges such as using only little fingers or blindfold chopsticks.  We really ourselves. Maki Stack is very funny and it makes you concentrate on the other players, so it was lovely to be able to play with 2 of our grown up kids as well as the younger boys.

Each game only takes about 15 minutes, so it's super quick to play and doesn't need a lot of set up or putting away. A great one to warm up a games night. Age and knowledge doesn't give you any advantage, so a good one for multi-generational play.

Maki Stack game review gameplay table set up

Maki Stack is designed by Jeff Lai and Stephane Escapa, made by Blue Orange games and distributed by Asmodee. Recommended for 4-6 players, but you can have more than 3 in teams really. Maki Stack is suitable for players aged around 7+. Younger children may find it frustrating simply because they haven't yet developed the fine motor skills and ability to work so closely with another person.

Available to buy now priced around £20, from all good independent games stockists, including online at Amazon (affiliate link below). It's a good price for such a nicely played and designed game.

We were sent our copy of Maki Stack to review by Asmodee, for the Blogger Board Game Club. Amazon links are affiliate, which earns me a few pence as a thank you if you buy through my link, but you never pay a penny extra.


  1. This looks great! But unless I'm missing something, your Amazon link is missing?

    1. Thanks for the comment Mat! Doh. Thank you. It should be there for you now hopefully! It is indeed a good game - this'll come out regularly definitely :)


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