Sunday 15 March 2020

March #TBCSmiles... 67 Months

I've been very remiss with commenting on #TBCSmiles this month, and if you follow my Facebook page then you'll see why. I'm sharing facts, world and UK news about Coronavirus every day. I started sharing things I found interesting. and it grew.

I get a lot of feedback that I make people feel less anxious, and I know that was why I first started researching COVID-19. Knowledge can be great power. Knowing your enemy a little better always makes you less scared of them.

Back in December I wrote:
"I think one of the biggest problems with the UK and the entire world right now is that we forget how important people are. We are so busy and so stressed that we get on the treadmill and start walking, Our employers, our government, our society and everyone else train us and tell us to keep walking, but we all need to remember to step off regularly.
It's too easy to lose sight of what is really important."

We may not have any idea exactly where we'll be or what will face us in a month's time, (although hopefully you'll all be back here!), but the coronavirus is reminding us, all of us worldwide, of what is really important.

Everyone who joined in with #TBCSmiles this month has bought joy to my day. Thank you. I have appreciated each chance to stop and smile as we went through the month, and my son and I were grinning like Cheshire cats looking through to choose the collage this morning. Thank you to EVERYONE who joins in, and all are welcome. All you have to do is tag any photo which you post on Instagram that has a grin, smile, laughter or chuckles!

This month's smiles are dedicated to the people who are probably feeling under pressure right now - the grown ups... You might spot me there - I was told I had to include it from someone who often shares her smiles with us, so it was only right...

As an extra we've added a big collage of loads of your kids grinning - because who couldn't do with that right now! Thank you to ALL of you, and sorry we couldn't put every photo in, so we chose the ones with clearest faces.

Collage of photos of grown ups smiling and grinning

These gorgeous smiles were shared by the following Instagrammers - you can see all of the thousands which have been added by searching the hashtag on Instagram:

Over40andamumtoone / Tobygoesbananas / Goingonanadventureblog
Clareyharpo / OddHogg / Clareyharpo
Clarenicholasuk / thebrickcastle / superbusymum

Collage of 20 photos of kids grinning and smiling

We really have had a very chilled month, and still made plenty of our own smiles. I barely caught enough on camera for a collage, but I've saved the rest in my head.

Collage of 5 photos of smiley people in my family

Have a good month, and don't forget to pause if you need to. Everyone is a bit scared, and no-one knows where the next month will take us exactly, but you are not alone. We are all here with you.

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