Tuesday 24 March 2020

New Dragon Ball Toys Review (Sent by BandaiUK).

This March sees the launch of a brand new range of Dragon Ball toys and Bandai have sent my boys some to have a play with. Suitable for age 4+ (blind bags 6+), the range includes blind bag miniatures, highly posable figures and super-sized Limit Breaker figures.

We've been sent Piccolo (Cape Version) and Krillin Dragon Stars figures, Super Saiyan Goku Limit Breaker and 2 x blind bag Super Collectibles.

Dragon Ball mini figures blind bags

The blind bag 5cm Super Collectible figures (rrp £2.99 each) contain 1 of 10 different Dragon Ball Super characters, plus a stand inside to display your figure.

Dragon Ball Series 2 Bandai blind bag collectible Hit figure

Typically my boys both got the same figure - Hit. He is actually incredibly detailed for such a tiny rubbery figure, and the stand has good balance. No posability though.

Dragon Ball Series 2 Bandai blind bag mini collectible Hit figure

The super-Saiyan-sized Limit Breaker figures (rrp £14.99) are 30cm tall, and each figure features a show-inspired design and has just five points of articulation.

Dragon Ball Limit Breaker Series Super Saiyan Goku

Characters include Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, and Frieza, and 2 extra tall 33cm Broly Limit Breakers. This is a bit young for my kids, but ideal for younger fans who want an action figure they can be a bit rough with.

Dragon Ball Stars Series Krillin

The all-new Dragon Stars (rrp £19.99) are highly detailed and poseable 17cm figures, with 17 or more points of articulation.

Dragon Ball super dragon stars Series 2 piccolo cape version collage

The Dragon Stars are really quite rewarding for collectors, and each figure comes with a second set of hands and/or accessories. As ever, be careful removing and replacing hands, they are push-fit and very tight. Piccolo has 3 spare little hands, and his cape does remove if you are careful!

Krillin Bandai Dragon Ball Series 2 Collectible Articulated Figures

The figures balance really well, and Bandai reckon they have over 9,000 possible positions, so I think we have a few left to try.

Piccolo Krillin Bandai Dragon Ball Series 2 Collectible Articulated Figures

Available in a huge range including Goku, Vegeta, Gogeta, Gohan, Bardock, Piccolo, Broly, and Krillin.

Krillin Piccolo Cape Version Bandai Dragon Ball Series 2 Collectible Articulated Figures

Also available are Final Blast Super Saiyan Goku and Vegeta figures, which blast and spin ready for action (rrp £14.99 each), and the Spin Battlers Training Pack (rrp £4.99) with 13 collectible characters and battle stands, the Spin Battlers Action Pack (rrp £9.99) with two character figures and battle stands (8 characters to collect) and the highly articulated 12.5cm Evolve Action Figures (rrp £9.99).

The brand new Dragon Ball range is available at Smyths, Argos, B&M and Game. For a different review, and a great Son Goku dress up, check out Whinge Whinge Wine

We were sent our toys for review. I was not paid.


  1. how do i order the hit figure

    1. The little Hit figure was in the blind bag Super Collectibles - so you can't pick which you get. I'm not sure that these are very readily available any more, because this is an old post, although I've had a quick look online and there are still a few around.

  2. How do I buy piccolo and krillin

    1. Hiya. SorryI didn't get back to you earlier - I've moved home. I've had a good look around and you really seem to be limited mostly to second hand markets for these figures nowadays. Ebay UK has a couple, and the prices really vary, so shop around and maybe even wait if there are only expensive models available when you first look.


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