Saturday 11 April 2020

Ad | HARIBO Easter Egg Hunting at home

This Easter HARIBO have some awesome new sweets out which are ideal for Easter Egg hunts. We're working with HARIBO and so they've sent us loads of their goodies to have some fun with. Needless to say this is a popular job and I had no shortage of help.

We've been sent some of the brand new Eggs Galore! which come in different sized bags depending on how big your household is - the treat size multipacks are ideal for egg hunts. A mix of Easter Eggs and the all-time favourite Fried Eggs.

HARIBO Eggs Galore! Easter sweets

We've also been sent the Spring Time Friends, and the Chick'n'Mix and Bunny'n'Friends specially shaped packs, which have a selection of different sweets inside. Here are the sweets in the Chick'n'Mix - bunnies, chicks, sheep and eggs.

HARIBO Easter Chick'n'mix shaped box contents

First things first, a lot of Easter events are cancelled this year, and that includes egg hunts. Jacinta Ardern, the New Zealand Prime Minister, did confirm that the Easter Bunny is an essential worker, but obviously has to maintain social distancing and look after his own family too. This year it's up to us to do our own Easter hunts, and if you want to put an egg in your window, then any children walking past for their exercise can count that in their hunt!

Easter Egg and Rainbow in the window

I hid some treats in my garden to get my boys started (no dangerous tree-climbing, he is only 2ft from the ground). Once they'd found everything and complained it was too easy, we told them that actually, it's their turn this year.

HARIBO Easter Egg Hunt hidden in hedge and 5ft high where 2 trees meet

As it's Dad who is the biggest HARIBO fan in our house, we thought it would be a cool activity for my boys to do an Easter Egg Hunt for us. They thought it was an excellent idea as well. We had a proper hunt - with clues.

HARIBO Easter egg hunting in the house lockdown collage of clues and sweets

The clues had us running around the house, out into the garden and back inside again. It was brilliant. This is my favourite clue, "What noise do dogs make that's not 'woof?'". The answer was over by our big trees again - bark!

What noise do dogs make that's not 'woof?'. Egg hunt clue

Our only problem was getting most of the sweets back from my partner so that we can do it all again on Sunday!

Running about was actually 20 minutes light-hearted fun that we all really needed, and the boys worked together really well on working out the questions and writing all of the clues. It was a brilliant activity, and they've already started on the next lot of clues...

Doing an easter egg hunt at home life under lockdown with HARIBO

We were paid for our time and sent our HARIBO Easter goodies to try by HARIBO. 


  1. Yum! Yum! These look and sound perfect for Easter. I think the Haribo eggs are my all time favourite. It looks like you had a lot of fun with them. x

    1. We really did! The eggs are a big favourite here - the Easter eggs were very popular too. I think that mix of foamy and jelly goes really well :D
      Thanks Kim, hope you had a good Easter - stay well :)


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