Saturday 11 April 2020

COVID-19 Coronavirus UK and World News update 11th April 2020.

COVID-19 Coronavirus UK and World News update 11th April 2020.

The UK added 5,233 cases today and now has reported a total of 78,991 positive cases of COVID-19. We had all together tested 334,974 people as of 9am this morning.

As of 5pm yesterday, of those hospitalised in the UK, we have lost another 917 people to COVID-19. We now sadly have a total of 9,875 losses of life in hospitals. Losses of life in the community are reported by ONS on Tuesdays, with a 2 week delay.

Total cases and losses reported are:
England 62,658 / 8937
Scotland 5,590 / 495
Wales 4,930 / 351
Northern Ireland 1,717 / 92
(The government haven't been reporting how many of the UK's positive testing cases have recovered.)

Rep. Of Ireland have 8,089 cases and 287 losses of life (not yet reported today).

There have now been 1,756,267 reported cases worldwide. The number of people who have lost their lives worldwide to COVID-19 is now 107,028. Already 393,739 people have recovered.

"There's no easy path through a pandemic." Prof Stephen Powis

WHO advice children with stress

Priti Patel, Home Secretary, who has been notable in her absence so far, led today's briefing.
20,101 people who have tested positive are currently in hospital.
Boris is making good progress.
Today's briefing will discuss crime, with Martin Hewitt of the National Police Chiefs' Council. Total crime has decreased, but some crimes have risen. Fraudsters have already conned people out of over a £1.8m. Child abusers know that more young people are online. The Domestic Abuse Helpline has reported up to 120% more calls. There will be no let up for the perpetrators of these crimes. Anybody who is a victim of these crimes should report them.
If you are in immediate danger, call 999 and press 55 on a mobile if you are unable to talk.
Ms Patel launched a new national communications campaign to reach out to those in danger of domestic abuse, to highlight the fact you can still get out and you can access help. They have created a symbol we can all share, to show we are there to listen #YouAreNotAlone
Fujitsu are providing IT equipment so that smaller charities and support groups can work from home. The government are looking at alternative accommodation for anyone who needs it.

Martin Hewitt talked about the job the police have. They have regular jobs to try and deal with, as well as all of the new crimes associated with COVID-19. There is a 21% fall in overall crime. He thanked the special constables for their support, and reinforced the message that domestic abuse will not be tolerated.
Since the new powers were introduced, officers have seen a lot of support and understanding about why these laws are necessary. When police have made mistakes (they are in fact human beings), it has been quickly sorted. Just 1,084 fines were issued up until Thursday. Most people get it - stay home.

Prof Stephen Powis of NHS England did the charts. The number of new cases each day is stabilising, as is the number of new people being admitted to hospital each day. The number of deaths though will lag behind by a while, as it takes at least 12 days (and easily as many as 19) for people to become ill and go to hospital, but it is then an average of 1-2 weeks before they have an outcome.
He talked about PPE and said masks are good, and gowns are being produced (but clearly we do seem to be a bit 'tight' on stocks). Priti Patel backed him up by ensuring every part of the supply chain is now secure. They are focussed on making sure everyone has exactly what they need. Distribution issues have been addressed by the military. Ms Patel apologised:
"I'm sorry if people feel there have been failings, I'll be very, very clear about that, but at the same time we are in an unprecedented time".
(This is a worldwide problem. We have watched many countries increase their amount of PPE as quickly as they can, yet barely keep up with the number of patients - until the number of patients starts to decrease.)

Prof Stephen Powis reminded us, we are still in round 1. It is only by staying home now that we can win this round and have the underpinning to go ahead with any other strategy, be it regarding restrictions, vaccines or treatments. "This was never going to be a sprint."

The World Health Organisation have warned countries about relaxing lockdowns too early. Remember we have exponential growth. If you come out too early, you risk having the maximum possible number of people infectious, and all stepping out into the community at the same time. Denmark are intending to re-open schools after Easter, and Pakistan have had to re-open the construction industry, as they are simply too poor not to.

easter eggs stay home save lives uk government ad

The First Nations indigenous people of Canada haven't escaped COVID. There are now 37 confirmed cases and one on-reserve loss of life .

Germany have a live map showing hospital and Intensive Care bed capacity over the entire country.

Italy are extending their lockdown until May 3rd. Cases and losses of life are steadily slowing, they are over their peak, but not yet at a manageable level. Officially they have lost over 19,000 people to COVID-19 in hospitals, but the number of obituaries in newspapers is 4 times the official count in some areas.

28 members of NHS staff have now lost their lives to COVID-19.

Donald Trump is keep to re-open the economy on May 1st.

Sarah Gilbert, Professor of Vaccinology at Oxford University, says her team are 2 weeks away from beginning human trials on a vaccine. Human trials are usually 9 months to 1 year absolute minimum. At least 2 human trials have already begun, and there several more on the way.

A 15-year-old Indigenous boy in a Yanomami settlement in Brazil has died from COVID 19. He is at least the third Indigenous person to die there. His village has isolated.

Malaysia has extended it's lockdown until April 28th

On the face of it COVID-19 is completely indiscriminate and we all have equal risk. In fact the world over it is mainly the lower paid who are still at work, and on the frontline in hospitals, hospices, hostels and care homes, and the poorest people who have little or no access to medical care.

New York State Gov. Andrew Cuomo said yesterday that there were 17 FEWER people in ICUs than the day before. Always good news, fingers crossed that number has gone down again today.

Apple and Google are working together to create smartphone technology that will alert users if they have been in contact with a person with Covid-19. The contact-tracing will be opt-in, ready in mid-May and has the potential to monitor about a third of the world’s population.
iPhones and Android phones will wirelessly exchange anonymous information through the app. which will be run by your own public health authority.

India have extended their lockdown until April 28th.

Luxury Cruise News:
Cruise ship Greg Mortimer is docked off the coast of Montevideo, Uruguay, and almost 60% of those on board have tested positive for coronavirus. Passengers from Australia and New Zealand are being evacuated this weekend.

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All over America (including Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, Chicago, North Carolina and New York City), twice as many black, Hispanic and other minority people are losing their lives to COVID-19 than white people. NY City Mayor Bill de Blasio said:
“The truth is that in so many ways the negative effects of coronavirus - the pain it’s causing, the death it’s causing - tracks with other profound health care disparities that we have seen for years and decades.”

Early Intensive Care National Audit Research Centre figures from the UK are showing people from minority backgrounds represent 14% of the population, yet make up 34% of patients in critical care units. Now we need to find out why? They also show that for very sick patients the outlook is not great. 51% of patients in Critical Care succumb.

Argentina have extended their lockdown until April 26th.

At today's press briefing Priti Patel announced "Three hundred thousand and thirty four, nine hundred and seventy four thousand tests carried out across the UK".
It can happen to anyone.

Turkey ordered an immediate 48 hour curfew last night, throwing everyone into confusion and panic, according the Istanbul Mayor.

Teaching and school support staff are working throughout the Easter 'break' to ensure children of key workers are looked after. Thanks guys.

Ventilators are coming in from an unexpected source - the BBC has donated fully operational machines from the set of Holby City. Who knew? I thought they were just cardboard boxes with lights on. If Dr Who can lend us a TARDIS, I've got a great plan...

Medics in the USA are taping photos of themselves smiling onto their PPE, an idea which was used during the Ebola outbreak. Patients see a reassuring and friendly face, rather than just a masked stranger.

Germany, Italy and Spain are all seeing a steady drop in numbers. The USA now has over half a million confirmed cases.

Some people. I've shown them as numbers because I don't know all of their names (some states / provinces yet to report):

USA 520,999 (+18,123) 20,135 (+1,388)
Spain 161,852 (+3,579) 16,353 (+272)
Italy 152,271 (+4,694) 19,468 (+619)
France 129,654 (+4,785) 13,832 (+635)
Germany 123,826 (+1,655) 2,736
China 81,953 (+46) 3,339 (+3)
UK 78,991 (+5,233) 9,875 (+917)
Iran 70,029 (+1,837) 4,357 (+125)
Turkey 52,167 (+5,138) 1,101 (+95)
Belgium 28,018 (+1,351) 3,346 (+327)
Switzerland 24,900 (+349) 1,015 (+13)
Netherlands 24,413 (+1,316) 2,643 (+132)
Portugal 15,987 (+515) 470 (+35)
Austria 13,795 (+235) 337 (+18)
Russia 13,584 (+1,667) 106 (+12)
S. Korea 10,480 (+30) 211 (+3)
Sweden 10,151 (+466) 887 (+17)
Chile 6,927 (+426) 73 (+8)
Norway 6,360 (+46) 114 (+1)
Poland 6,356 (+401) 208 (+27)
Australia 6,303 (+65) 56 (+2)
Indonesia 3,842 (+330) 327 (+21)
UAE 3,736 (+376) 20 (+4)
Algeria 1,825 (+64) 275 (+19)


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