Friday 27 November 2020

Ad | Looking After your Amtico Floor

Looking After your Amtico Floor

When you’re familiar with Amtico you know luxury vinyl tiles are the go-to material in a sea of
flooring options for your domestic or commercial space.
With a long-lasting service to making your home or workspace look amazing and remain
protected from accidents, the durability that Amtico vinyl flooring possesses is consistent in
tackling obstacles and of course, looking fantastic!

Collage of 2 different Amtico flooring tiles

The Best Choice

Every Amtico vinyl flooring range such as Form, Signature and Amtico Spacia gives you a
superior quality of hardwearing flooring, in a large amount of shade varieties. The only tough
decision with Amtico flooring is opting between authentic wood styles or bespoke stone
looks. Either way, both come with a long-lasting warranty so if this is your first experience
with Amtico flooring, you’re never going to look back.
Luckily, replenishing your floor with a new design from Amtico is no hassle when it comes to
installing your flooring. It’s guaranteed that click or glue down methods provide a much
easier flooring fitting process than Amticos competitors do. Unlike authentic hardwood or
stone your Amtico planks and tiles are cut to custom size, so you save on waste and making
a mess during the flooring fitting process.

Easy Care

It’s natural for any flooring, despite its superior quality to need a little TLC from time to time.
However, Amtico has even made this aspect of flooring maintenance simple, so you always
have that freshly installed Amtico feel throughout your home.
Preserving the look and feel of even the cheapest Amtico flooring in the UK, only requires semi
regular cleaning. Depending on the presence of foot traffic that has been endured as well as
the shade and style of LVT. Simply brush the debris from the floor using a soft brush and
clean the entrances to prevent more dirt being walked through to the rest of your home.
Then, using a non-chemicalised floor cleaner dropped into water, mop the entire floor
thoroughly and you’ll see your floorings original sparkle return almost instantly.
Be way not to leave water spots or puddles resting on the surface of your flooring. Even vinyl
flooring can lose water resistance ability if tested too long.

Flooring easy care vinyl collage of 2 tiles with wood effect

Look Out For…

Luxury wood effect vinyl flooring has shattered most of the standard guidelines, however,
health and safety in any space is crucial so here are some factors to still take seriously, even
when you have the best flooring option installed in your home or commercial building.
Do not use aerosol sprays or products which have a silicone base on vinyl flooring, as they
will erode the anti-slip properties vinyl flooring contains and will enable the floor to become a slip hazard. Instead, opt for matting in front of all doors and entrances to absorb any liquid
before stepping into the property.
It’s worth taking note that rubber can stain vinyl flooring and should be avoided where
possible, unless you use rubber spots to keep your furniture from shifting. Painting your
room? Don’t forget to cover your floor with plastic before applying that first coat because
your vinyl won’t react well to paint drops.

You Care for It, It Cares for You

Despite being a much cheap alternative to authentic flooring materials, Amtico luxury vinyl
flooring still needs care and attention to make it worth your money. Whether you choose
Signature Woods, Spacia Stones or Abstract designs, if you care for it, vinyl flooring will care
for you.

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