Saturday 14 November 2020

Micro Machines Collectible Vehicles (great for stockings) Age 4+. Sent by Jazwares Toys for review

We have had LOADS of Micro Machines over the years, and they've been played with and added to by all of our children. They're back with new releases for Christmas 2020, and we've been sent a selection for review... 

Collage of 3 different Micro Machines play sets with cars and text title

Micro Machines are cute, collectible, mini vehicles which are really detailed and have excellent quality wheels and axles, so they go fast! They're absolutely perfect for creating miniature worlds, and I can vouch for longevity - they're really robust. 

Underside of Micro machines, showing chassis, wheels, axles

Packaging does have a lot of single use plastic, so it's not exactly Earth-friendly. It is easy to open, although there are twisty wires on some vehicles holding them to the card. It'll take 5 minutes, but isn't overly frustrating. 

Micro Machines packaging wires and card

Micro Machines Starter Packs - £3.99
These are themed Starter Packs with 3 mini vehicles. Themes include Muscle Cars, Racing, Construction etc. We have Micro City, with a bus, which has very much delighted my boys. There's also a cherry-picker type Utility Vehicle which is already under the sofa. 

Micro Machines Micro City Transit Bus City Pack Review

These are 'Chase' packs, which may contain rare silver or ultra rare gold models. You can see the models through the box, so they aren't a surprise - you might have to be quick to get a special model. 

Micro Machines Mini City Vehicle 2020

Micro Machines World Packs - £7.99
These packs have five vehicles and a corresponding Micro City scene, for play or display. It's an entire play set in one. Themes include Fire & Rescue, City Centre, Super Cars etc. We have Command Centre - special forces. There's a super secret stealth jet - and a helicopter with a turning rotor. 

Micro Machines World Packs command centre with vehicles on platform

We also have an error! Our tank has it's turret glued/screwed on the wrong way. It's surprising that's gone through quality control because generally the quality is excellent, and I've always found that to be true. 

Micro Machines mini special operations vehicle pack

Micro Machines Mini Vehicle Hauler - £9.99
This is a brilliant vehicle transporter with a top-opening trailer, lowering back ramp and space for 8 vehicles across the 2 levels. It comes with just 1 Micro Machines vehicle, but it is a special one. 

Micro Machines Hauler and unique vehicle review

The Hauler is a new favourite here. It's nicely done and the vehicles fit really well. Intentionally, or if you are a bit rough with it, then the ramps will come off - which is great for removing any trapped sideways cars. The roof actually clips together when you shut it, so you shouldn't find everything falls out on a bumpy car journey. 

Micro Machines Hauler vehicle transporter with cargo

My boys are 10 and 12, and I'm a touch older, and I think we all get joy from Micro Machines. There's something very special about the detail on these tiny vehicles, and they roll so nicely. As a parent the prices are also incredibly appealing - you can fill a stocking or go big and give a playset as a main gift, and they'll genuinely be played with time and time again. 

Micro Machines Hauler vehicle transporter full of vehicles

Micro Machines are available to buy now, suitable for age 4+, prices start at £3.99. Think Big, Play Small. Available at Smyths, Tesco, Argos, Amazon and other good retailers. Amazon affiliate links below: 

We were sent our Micro Machines for review. Amazon links are affiliate, which earns me a few pence thank you if you buy through my link, but you don't pay any extra. 

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