Thursday 22 July 2021

Geomag Super Color Panels Magnetic Construction Set Review (age 5-99+)

Geomag is excellent stuff. It's one of my favourite construction STEM toys, it's been around for ages and now it's even better - in 100% recycled plastic. Construction toys have always been popular in my house, as as science, and Geomag fits into both of those categories. Their magnetic construction system is strictly suitable for children aged 5 and over, and there's still plenty of fun to be had if you are a little older than that...

We've been sent the 52 piece Geomag Super Color Panels Magnetic Construction Set for review. 

Geomag Super Color Panels Magnetic Construction Set box front

I was incredibly impressed as soon as I saw the box. It does clip shut for future use, there's no tape, no single use plastic. Best of, and pure genius - 2 small storage boxes are included to keep your magnets safe. There is also a resealable plastic bag for the other pieces. 

The packaging is 61% recycled, and the plastic is 100% recycled. It's awesome. I'm so impressed. This is the future - the sustainable future for our children. 

Geomag Magnetic Construction Set review eco friendly packaging and storage

Inside this set you have:
16 magnetic spheres
16 magnetic rods
10 triangle panels
8 square panels
2 pentagon panels

Geomag colour panels hexagon triangle square strewn on table

There is also a great instruction leaflet with build techniques, the basics of playing with magnetism and 7 different model designs to get your teeth into. These will also give you most of the basic skills for creating anything you want. Once you've learned about all of the different ways the magnets can attach the pieces together, your imagination is really the limit. 

How Geomag sticks together by using magnetism

The magnetic balls and rods can be made to form almost any shape, and then then recycled plastic panels slot in. You need to have all of your angles neat, or the panels fall out, and that could be a little frustrating for some younger children, but it's simply a challenge for older ones. 

Boys hands in view making an open sided cube shape with Geomag

There's plenty in this set to actually create quite a variety of models, and it is very satisfying to use. We've all had a go. Geomag is an excellent fidget for any child (or adult) who doesn't put things into their mouth. 

Geomag recycled plastic STEM construction toy different cubes

The magnets are very strong, so they'll hold a lot of weight, even if  they are linked together to form a chain - which gives you an even bigger variety of possible items and shapes, including movement. 

Geomag magnetic toy strength to lift several times own weight

You can of course always keep it simple and go 2D. We've had some really impressive patterns over the past fortnight - Geomag really is very pleasing. My only complaint is the fact they haven't created a version with the UK spelling of 'colour'... 

Geomag 2D pattern created with magnets

We've had the Geomag out now for 3 weeks and it's still on my coffee table because it's been played with every day. It really does have a lot to offer most children, and will really improve their logic and problem-solving skills, as well as manual dexterity, possibly patience, and it makes them inquisitive. 

My 11year old has spent hours testing the limits of the magnets, seeing how far he can shoot the balls when he makes the magnets oppose, creating long complex chains that can still be carried, and generally using his brain. It's great. 

Lots of Geomag magnetic toy on the table strewn about

Geomag Super Color Magnetic Construction Set has 52 pieces and a current rrp of £29.99. It's available from good toy shops, including The Entertainer, and there are absolutely loads of great sets to suit children and young people. 

We were sent our Geomag recycled plastic colour panels construction set for review. 


  1. Sorry, delete that last one. I'm still a bit spacey. Love these toys they are great for all ages. I sometimes catch my teen playing and building. They are so relaxing too like a stress toy xxx

    1. Oh bless you. They are great toys - and it wouldn't hurt you to play with them as well - train that brain to try some different pathways, gently exercise and rebuild x

  2. I purchased this item for my 9 yr old child for his birthday. My child and, surprisingly, my 14 yr old girl adored it to such an extent. They played along one another or without help from anyone else. I could see that they could upgrade their inventiveness by playing and building this attractive pieces. The thickness is perfect and the quality appears as though it will keep going quite a while. It is actually a decent incentive for your cash.

    1. It is excellent long term value for money, definitely. A real long-lasting toy. Thanks for your comment Dustin.


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