Friday 9 July 2021

Pop In A Box - Homewares By Post From Funko Pop! (Sent for review)

We all know Funko Pop! make collectibles featuring a huge range of pop culture favourites, but did you know they also make useful merchandise for around the home, and out and about? We've been sent a selection to look at - and there really was something to suit everyone...

Funko Pop! Homewares review water bottles nesting boxes kitchen timer

The Pop In A Box website is full of  items featuring well-known and often very well-loved characters. A huge range are here, from Mickey and Snow White through to Toy Story and Nightmare Before Christmas, and of course Star Wars - my household's favourite Disney movies.

My boys went straight for water bottles for school. The homewares section has loads of choice, and even though they both chose Star Wars water bottles, they're really different. 

My 12 year old went for the Funko homeware Star Wars Classic Millennium Falcon Plastic Water Bottle (£12.99). I'm impressed with this. He chose it for the size and the look - particularly the double-wall with free floating stars/snow/distant Tie Fighters... 

Collage of 3 photos. Full length, close up drinking spout and free floating stars

I like this bottle because the double-wall keeps his drink cool, the drinking spout is really solidly made and should last the life of the bottle, and it's a really good size. You get a hearty drink in there. 

My 11 year old chose the Funko Homeware Star Wars Metal Water Bottle: I Am Your Father (£12.99). He loved the fact it looks like a canned drink, the design is great, and he's had several water bottle tragedies over the past year. Metal is a wise choice for anyone who has a rough hand, or a tendency to drop things... 

Collage of 4 photos. View of drinking spout, lid unscrewed and both sides of bottle. One has Darth Vader pointng, the other I Am Your Father text

Again this bottle has a really sturdy looking drinking spout, and the screw top lid is really secure. I really think this one will last considerably longer than the last 2 water bottles he's had! 

I had what I think is a genius idea when I saw the Funko Homewares Star Wars Classic Spaceships Plastic Storage Set (£12.99). This is a set of 3 plastic, lidded, nesting boxes. Both of my boys will be doing cookery at school next year, and I hate sending ingredients in single use plastic bags. The boxes each have a secure lid, they're easy to clean, and when they're empty they nest together to save space. It's perfect. 

Collage of 3 Star Wars nesting boxes showing lids on and off, stacked and nested together

Again, the boxes are very well made, and the lids are really secure. My 12 year old son has already used these for 2 cookery lessons, and they've worked a treat - and are waaay better looking (and better for the planet) than sandwich bags! And we can also use them for sandwiches, they'll be great for beach days and picnics. 

The last item we chose was the Disney Classic Mickey Retro Kitchen Timer (£12.99). This is a wind up kitchen timer and we have used it so much more than I expected. No more excuses from my lot for burning the dinner! It's actually very loud, very effective, and uses such a simple wind-up mechanism that it can hardly go wrong. 

Disney Mickey Mouse Traditional Kitchen Timer

Pop In A Box homewares have hit the spot for us. The products are all really well made and feel like they'll last, and the decoration is gorgeous. Not just pretty to look at or collect on a shelf, they're really useful.

The prices are exactly as you'd expect for the quality, you won't be let down, and there will be something for everyone. You can find the whole range on the Pop In A Box website. 

We were sent our Pop In A Box Homewares for review. 


  1. oh my, I love them all...I want them, never mind the kids...I'm off to see what else they got :)

    1. Hahahaha. I must I'm a bit jealous of the tall Star Wars drinking bottle!

  2. I didn't know Funko made things for around the home, how cool! I will have to have a look. My fella is a big Star Wars fan and has a birthday coming up. x


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