Friday 8 October 2021

Ad | Review: Akedo - Ultimate Arcade Warriors from Moose Toys (age 6+)

Akedo - Ultimate Arcade Warriors are the brand new battling collectible from Moose Toys, and tie in with the animated series on Nickelodeon. We've been sent 3 of the new product range to review, and it's been a lot of fun all round! These little retro Arcade Warrior action figures have a built-in 'realistic battling action', at a micro collectible scale, and they're really easy to play with too, thanks to the clever, battery-free control system.

Ad | Review: Akedo - Ultimate Arcade Warriors 3 packs shown unpoened

The packaging does have a lot of single-use plastic, but it's at least very easy to open (you'll find it easier with scissors for some of the ties) and there are no batteries required - so you can play straightaway. 

We've been sent:
Single Pack (£4.99) - 1x Akedo Warrior, 1x Trigger Controller
Versus Pack (£9.99) - 2x Akedo Warriors (one of which is an"Epic" Warrior), 2x Trigger Controllers
Starter Pack (£14.99) This special pack has everything you need to train warriors and play the official tournament rules of Akedo - 3x Akedo Warriors, 1x Joystick Controller, 1x Training Accessory
There are rules/instructions for play and a collectors guide inside each pack, so you can drool over your favourites, and work out which sets you'll find them in.

Akedo Ultimate Arcade Warriors Miss Slither close up

There are 39 different mini 'Arcade Warriors', which feel familiar to anyone who has played scrolling arcade fighting games, Each has their own slightly different fighting moves and accessories, and an instantly recognisable outfit. 

Akedo Ultimate Arcade Warriors Miss Slither and viking man close up

Each Arcade Warrior is 'powered' by a human hand and the Controllers - which have a very simple sprung lever to pull or joystick to move, turning the character quickly and making his arm swing out to punch. Some 'Legendary' characters have special punching or kicking features - for example the boxer Buster Bling has an extending arm. 

Akedo Ultimate Arcade Warriors boxer Buster Bling and knight

These are collectible figures, and ranked in his order - Classic, Epic, Ultra Rare, Legendary, Exclusive Ultra Rare and the very Limited Edition Mythical Stormstrike, a glow-in-the-dark Viking. You're a lucky person if you find him in a blind pack... 

Snap their warrior into the controller to start - it's pretty foolproof (they only fit one way), and it's a bit daunting the first couple of times you pull them back out again, but they're sturdy figures and won't break. The controllers have a number slide on the side to keep score while you play.

akedo battle warriors miss slither battling shows use of control pad

Some sets contain practise items - we've got a Training Dummy, which was in our Starter Pack. It is actually easier to beat than the other Warriors, so it really works! 

Akedo Ultimate Arcade Warriors miss slither wins test dummy in background

Battles start when someone says “Ready! Fight! Split Strike!" - the 'split strike' being the end of the battle, when a player's character is literally split in half. It's pretty gruesome, but very unrealistic gore, and there is some real skill involved in winning. My boys just bash constantly in the hope of a random win, but I ignore them, line my character up, and aim carefully. It's so easy, it's like cheating - although they are learning now... 

akedo battle warriors collage of 4 photos showing how to control a punch

There are two ways to play Akedo:
Basic - This is very much like a retro street battling game, and involves simply battling until a Split Strike occurs, and a winner is declared.
Advanced - This is more like a complex role playing battle. On each character there are unique health points, damage points and value. Choose 3 characters per team (up to 15 points max), and then battle 1 v 1 until there is a split strike. The warrior that lost has his health points reduced by the winner's damage points. Battle continues until a warrior has no points, when he is replaced by a 'teammate'. First to beat all 3 opponents is the winner. 

Akedo Ultimate Arcade Warriors defeated and split apart

Akedo Ultimate warriors are lots of fun, and it's actually a very traditional, if a bit violent, game -  those old punching robot toys of the 1950's, brought right up to date. A hit here (pardon the pun). They are very well made, practically foolproof, and a great way to let off steam for 20 minutes! 

Akedo Ultimate Arcade Warriors ready for battle

You can find the Akedo Warriors in their animated series on, and on the Wild Brain Kids YouTube hub.

These and other Akedo Warriors products are available now, including the £12.99 Warrior Pack (with 3 visible action figures, plus one hidden mystery figure), and the £29.99 Battle Arena, with interchangeable backdrop and exclusive Akedo Warriors. I think it will be very popular this Christmas. Available from all major toy shops, including The Entertainer, Argos and Amazon (affiliate links below)

We were sent our Akedo Ultimate Arcade Warriors for review. Amazon links are affiliate, which earns me a few pence if you buy through my link, but doesn't cost you any extra. It helps keep the website running. 

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