Wednesday 17 November 2021

87 Months... #TBCSmiles November 2021

I am late (again) with the #TBCSmiles this month, but at least with good reason. It was my 50th birthday on Sunday, something I can't quite believe myself. I'm not saying I don't look or act 50, but I certainly don't feel it inside. 

The Brick Castle Birthday Cake Huge, dense, strawberries and cream cake about 9 inches tall and diameter

Inside there is still a small part of me which will always be the little girl, and when I find myself wide-eyed at a birthday cake, or crying an expectant and warming tear over a daft Christmas advert, or just hugging someone hard because I really do love them and miss them, I'm glad. I never want to lose that little girl part of me...

Me, sitting at a restaurant table with the ginormous cake in front of me and someone handing me a slice bigger than my head. I am grinning

A huge personal thank you to everyone who made my 50th birthday the best ever.... 

This time of year is traditionally quiet for smiles, although Instagram seems to be hiding more and more people from the hashtag! There are 250 less smiley photos than last month, which I don't think can be down to people deleting their photos... If you do share yours, and I don't like or comment by the end of the month, it is probably because I've not seen it. I love to see each and every one, so don't be scared to tag me and call me out! 

Anyone is welcome to share, just add the hashtag to any photo with a smile. We all need those beaming faces to keep us going until we reach our Winter festivities, and when it's gloomy, grey and cold, they remind us we can still always make people smile... 

This month I've grabbed the 9 biggest and hugest smiles which have been shared, and there are a couple here which really do warm your heart right to the centre. I love the child playing in the leaves, and the proud, proud Mum below him.  A pure grin is the best thing ever... 

TBCSmiles November 2021 Collage of 9 of Your Smiles

These smiles were shared by the following Instagrammers:

OrganisedByRoo / LittleGreenHouseChildcare01 / _TheMumDiaries
Beauties&TheBibs / MrsAmyLFox / GoingOnAnAdventure
CasaCostello / ClaireyHarpo / TheStrawberryFountain

My family made loads of smiles this month, and for once I have plenty of photos of myself! I always say I need to take more pictures of me, well, here they are all at once I think...

A lot are from my birthday, when I think I just grinned non-stop for about 72 hours, and some are from a promotional one minute video we did for Bolton Council and Bolton NHS, promoting regular lateral flow testing. It was loads of fun running around Bolton pretending we were actual telly presenters (I'll add that at the end...)

TBCSmiles November 2021 My Smiles

Your smiles will always be there. Sometimes they are easily found, but the trickiest to catch carry the biggest reward... 


  1. When I saw it was your 50th birthday I was shocked. I thought you were younger. It sounds like a fab birthday.
    So lovely to see all of the smiles. x

    1. Aww thanks Kim! :D Internet magic and good lighting hahaha

  2. Aww what beautiful, beaming smiles, especially from your lovely face. I hope you had the best birthday ever and deserve every happiness in the world. All my love xxx

    1. Awwww. I really did, it was awesome. Thanks Susan - love back to you too :) xx


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