Saturday 15 January 2022

January 2022 #TBCSmiles.... 89 Months...

January is usually the hardest month, so let's get straight to it. How is your mental health? It's dark, dismal, Christmas is over and we have every reason for this January to be especially hard because of ruddy COVID.

The pandemic been going on for literally years now, and it is wreaking havoc across the UK (and entire Northern hemisphere / world). We are stressed, tired, and led by people who laugh in the face of their own restrictions. In the UK we are going for it, attempting to get through this wave without any restrictions, and hurtling towards "learning to live with the virus" at breakneck speed... Even though half the people on the bus don't even realise that's where they're going, we are already in the air as the bus attempts to leap the canyon. 

Person carrying placard which reads every disaster movie starts with the government ignoring the scientist

Crikey it's stressful - and we all know we won't all get off the bus unscathed. We didn't even get on it unscathed. We are scratched and bruised and none of us will ever forget this time. It can be hard to remember that it will end. It can be hard to see we will reach our goal, we will win against a virus. Hard to see that this is still temporary. 

The next month or two will be difficult for a lot of us, and compounded by the fact most people who catch COVID over this Winter will be exhausted and recovering for a lot longer than they expect. Bereavement and loss will be forefront in the minds of millions of people. (Don't give up.)

Spring always follows.

Keep yourself active and get outdoors often. Fresh air and exercise are good for the soul, as are dancing and music. Watch the leaves bud and the Spring flowers begin to push through the Earth. Plant bulbs. Stop. Listen to your world, and how alive it is. Stroke fur and soft blankets, and the pages of a good book. Take joy in the simple things. Close your eyes and feel the breeze on your face. Shout and swear and whistle and sing. Smell the fresh sweet scent of the world after rain. Sway. Bathe in luxury with a sock full of oats. Eat slowly and truly taste the flavours of things you take for granted. Smile. Make friends with strangers, and compliment people when they deserve it. Do things to make you happy. You have earned it.

And it will be okay...

Smiles are the proof we can do this, we are winning, and they are our reminder it's always worth trying. You guys have shared lots of yours with the #tbcsmiles community over on Instagram this month - as always, a massive thank you to everyone who joins in. It would be nothing without you. Literally.

Here are just 9 of this month's smiles - find them all by looking at the hashtag #tbcsmiles over on Instagram - and absolutely EVERYONE is welcome to join in. We need smiles, and they are contagious, and they will brighten your day. Guaranteed. 

TBCSmiles January 2022 Your smiles

These smiles were shared by the following Fabulous Instagrammers and their families:

ChocolateAndWineAndIllBeFine / OddHogg / Hollybobbs
TheKnightTribe / TwinMamaMo / WeMadeThisLife
MyMummysPennies / MarvellousMrsP / BeautiesAndTheBibs

My family made our own smiles too, despite the fact some of us had COVID over Christmas, and then when we tried to have another Christmas at New Year, 2 others had COVID! We shan't be beaten though - we'll do it all again when we CAN get together.

I have saved all of our smiles since we lost one of our children in 2014. They are our reminder that we can do this, and that it is always worthwhile carrying on...

Happy New Year to everyone... I hope 2022 is kinder to you than 2021, and 2020... 

TBCSmiles January 2022 Our Smiles

If you are struggling, you never need to be alone, there is always someone you can talk to. No permanent solutions to temporary problems. Reach out, and understand how important you are... 


  1. Aww look at those christmas smiles and cheer. Certainly brightened my morning. A wonderful legacy. Happy new year lovely xxx

    1. Happy New Year to you too - I hope it is a kinder one. COVID has been incredibly mean to you, I think you've suffered enough. Love to all of you xx


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