Friday 13 May 2022

MOC-82591 Medieval Church Brick Set Review (sent for review by Let Bricks)

I was recently sent the Let Bricks Medieval Church set MOC-82591 for review. This has been designed by Peter Keith, and I was sent a hand-picked set - so I do have some errors which are unlikely to appear in the final store product. 

This is a 516 piece set, which is a nice build and creates a really attractive little chapel... 

Let Bricks Medieval Church Brick Set completed model shown on a table

As it's only a 516 piece set it doesn't need to have numbered bags, and the instructions are on a USB key, so although you don't have a paper copy, you can access them on any device - and enlarge them at will.  

Open box showing inside contents - assorted bricks in several bags.

The instructions are clear and easy to follow, although I did spot a couple of errors - places where steps have been missed and you need to really guess what to do. I didn't actually encounter any real issues with this. If you are a brick builder then it's fairly familiar and easily sorted. 

Instructions for brick build on a tablet and some parts on table

The build has some nice features - I particularly like the cracks in the walls. They're cleverly done and look very effective. 

Let Bricks Medieval Church set cracks in wall

The stained glass windows are also a very clever use of available parts and look excellent, even allowing coloured light through into the model. 

Medieval Church brick build showing stained glass windows

My parts were hand-picked as this is a brand new set, and I was missing several. I contacted the manufacturer ( who promptly sent out replacements. Stupidly I didn't list them, I chatted. This resulted in me still missing several parts, so my tree for example is not as the designer intended. 

View of medieval church from above, showing roof and top of tree behind church

The inside of the chapel has a very sweet and simple altar, which can be seen through the doorway. Along with the coloured 'glass' windows, it has a really neat end effect, and a lot of personality. 

view from outside looking in through doorway of chapel to altar within

I did experience around 20 missing parts, and there are some badly picked parts, which meant I was unable to attach my door. As I previously mentioned, I think this is a teething problem and won't be an issue going forward. You can see more in my video review... 

This is a relatively easy build, which is probably suitable for builders aged around 8+, although may appeal more to adult fans. It's a nice addition to any collection of Medieval buildings, or any simple village really. There are several different Medieval models available, and despite the issues I've had with missing/incorrect parts, I would consider them going forward because the designs are very good.

Roof off showing the inside of the medieval church with altar with candle and cross

The 516pcs set MOC-82591 Medieval Church is available to buy now from Let Bricks, and retails at $59.99, which is a very fair price for a set of this design and size. 

I was sent my set for review, but as you can probably tell, my review is honest and genuine. 

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