Sunday 27 March 2022

COVID-19 Coronavirus UK and World News Weekend Update 26th / 27th March 2022

COVID-19 Coronavirus UK and World News Weekend Update 26th / 27th March 2022

There Are No Longer UK Daily Statistics At Weekends

World: 481,648,252 reported cases and 6,147,422 losses of life

270322 Vaccine efficacy against hospitalisation in England by severity

Abuse of scientists is running high because of frustrations around COVID:
"Science (Magazine) asked 9585 researchers who have published on COVID-19 to fill out an online survey about their experiences. Of 510 who responded, 38% reported at least one type of attack, ranging from insults to death threats, delivered on social media, by email or phone, or sometimes even in person."

Latest vaccine effectiveness data from the UK Health Security Agency is split into 3 sections (see image above) to try to allow for incidental admissions and shut up the "but were they ill with COVID?" people. Sections show all COVID admissions, admission for respiratory reasons and severely ill admissions. Hospital admissions who aren't severely ill or suffering respiratory problems are far less likely to actually be in hospital because of the COVID.  

A nurse in Shanghai, China, died from asthma after the hospital she works at closed its emergency service due to "pandemic prevention."
She became ill around 7pm, by which time the emergency department was closed for cleaning, and unfortunately she didn't survive transfer to another hospital and the delay to treatment. It has caused a massive uproar online, with citizens complaining that focus is in the wrong places. 

Ukrainian art save Mariupol drawing of people in a cave like bunker below ground level and bombs above

The US FDA has revoked authorisation of Sotrovimab for COVID patients, because it's unlikely to work with Omicron BA.2 - which is increasingly becoming the dominant variant worldwide:
"New data included in the health care provider fact sheet shows that the authorized dose of sotrovimab is unlikely to be effective against the BA.2 sub-variant. Based on Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Nowcast data, the BA.2 sub-variant is estimated to account for more than 50% of cases in the states and territories in Regions 1 and 2 listed above as of March 19, 2022.
There are several other therapies – Paxlovid, Veklury (remdesivir), bebtelovimab, and Lagevrio (molnupiravir) – that are expected to be effective against the BA.2 sub-variant, and that are authorized or approved to treat certain patients with mild-to-moderate COVID-19 who are at high risk for progression to severe disease, including hospitalization or death."

Word is that sometime next week, UK Government Ministers will announce an 'extended school week' of 32.5 hours to "catch up" after COVID.
That's 6.5 hours each school day. Most schools already teach for this amount of time, or are around 5-10 minutes a day off, so it's not going to make a massive difference for most kids - except maybe for people with tricky transport arrangements, caring responsibilities or work after school.

Ukrainian street art child showing hand in close up, with Stop War written on it in pen.

It is Mother's Day. A tricky day for very many people, for a cornucopia of reasons. If today was great for you, have a high five, and a clap on the back for your loved ones (you rock, don't leave a mess for your Mum for tomorrow). If today was hard, if it reminded you of who you miss, if it reminds you of things you've never had, if it is a last time, or a first, or it makes you cry for any reason at all, take a hug. A proper hug. Not a quick cursory pat over the shoulder, a big squidgy hug with wide arms and warmth, and feeling.

Some numbers. Many are mothers, many are children, all are people.

Countries / Cases / Losses of life (since midnight GMT. Some figures may not be complete because of weekend reporting):

S. Korea 11,815,841 (+318,130) 14,899 (+282)

Vietnam 9,011,473 (+91,916) 42,306 (+48)

Germany 20,245,069 (+74,939) 128,944 (+187)

Italy 14,364,723 (+59,555) 158,782 (+82)

Japan 6,334,154 (+47,338) 27,699 (+98)

Australia 4,279,363 (+46,502) 5,893 (+11)

Thailand 3,529,085 (+25,821) 24,802 (+84)

Netherlands 7,753,878 (+25,013) 21,898 (+6)

Russia 17,762,742 (+23,280) 367,351 (+338)

New Zealand 597,745 (+10,278) 223 (+6)

Hong Kong 1,128,507 (+8,037) 7,252 (+151)

Chile 3,450,094 (+7,076) 56,381 (+83)

Slovakia 1,687,425 (+5,560) 19,270 (+19)

Czechia 3,788,063 (+3,518) 39,541 (+8)

Poland 5,943,227 (+3,494) 114,828 (+7)

Denmark 2,896,593 (+3,195) 5,585 (+2) 




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