Tuesday 15 March 2022

March 2022 #TBCSmiles 91 Months

It's the 15th, and it's the 3rd month, so that must be the date all Caesars hate - the Ides Of March. Crikey the world is a mess right now. A month ago we didn't realise where we would be, and it's certainly not what most of us would have chosen. 

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has wiped COVID from the front pages of the news, but it really has only heaped sadness and stress on top of any which existed beforehand. We really do need some smiles, and every single one is worth it's weight in gold, because they are hard won just now. 

Oksanadrachkovskaillustration on Instagram Ukraine

The storm is a long way from ending. It can feel helpless, pointless, overwhelming. Remember to take a break if you can. Walk away. Read a book, watch a film, meditate, have a kitchen disco. Immerse yourself in a bubble for a while. Sadly it will still all be there when you return, but you'll be stronger and more able to cope. Never lose hope. Just like every other before it, this time too will pass.

During just the first two days, over 100,000 people in the UK have registered an interest in accepting Ukrainian refugees into their home. It may not feel like it at times, but humanity prevails.... all most of us want is peace.

Spring is coming, the sunshine is breaking through, as are the crocus and the daffodils. Colour is returning. The big wheel keeps on turning.

Here are just 9 of the biggest and brightest smiles you guys shared this month. You can find them all by searching the hashtag #TBCSmiles over on Instagram, and there are over 8,000 to keep you going. It is always worthwhile seeking out your own smiles and holding onto them. They are the proof that we can still smile, even when it doesn't seem possible, and they are the reason for everything... 

TBCSmiles March 2022 91 months collage showing 9 of your smiles

These smiles were shared by the following Instagram photographers...

Over40AndAMumToOne / SuperBusyMum / TheMumDiaries
The StrawberryFountain / GoingOnAnAdventureBlog / MrsAmyLFox
TobyGoesBananas / OurLittleEscapades / JaimeOliverUK

My family made our own smiles too. We also had COVID, so I didn't take many photos - people were not really up for it! Before I caught COVID I did manage to fit in a trip to the People's History Museum in Manchester (which I WILL write up soon) and we took delivery of a new kitten - who ended up being comfort to people who were ill. She was a timely addition indeed.
Her name is Sonja - which is a shortening of the Ukrainian word for sunflower. Important to our family, and a symbol for strength, and for peace... and she sleeps so much! Oh to be a cat, especially while I'm recovering from COVID... 

TBCSmiles March 2022 Our Smiles COVID

Wherever you are in the world, I wish you peace... 

The first image is from Oksana Drachkovska, a Ukrainian artist living in Lviv, and 'drawing every day'... 


  1. What a perfect name for your little kitten. I was thinking about Gary the other day. I hope you are all on the mend and what beautiful smiles all round. Hugs xxx

    1. We are fine! All pretty much better now. Still a little tired, and I was surprised to find a little out of breath when I was walking at the weekend, but really nothing to complain about at all. Thank you so much for asking. I just wish you were also as well recovered. xx


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