Tuesday 14 June 2022

In Collaboration with Maqio | Top ideas for a fun playroom

Top ideas for a fun playroom

When you are lucky enough to have a designated playroom in the home, you may really want to make the most of this space. Your children might appreciate having an entire room they can use for fun and games, and it can also help to minimise the number of toys left elsewhere in the home. You might want to think about the ways that you decorate this room to really maximise your children’s enjoyment, while still keeping costs as low as possible.

Wonderworld Eco-House with Playmobil characters included

Wall Art

There is a high chance that, as your children grow, they may no longer appreciate characters or certain colours used on the wall. Rather than redecorating the whole room every few years, try to keep the decor timeless and upgrade small details. Painting the room a subtle, pastel shade, that can then be touched up if scrapes occur, can be a good place to start. To prevent it from looking dull, you may want to consider using artwork. A canvas print can look incredibly stylish and, depending on the image you use, can also be quite fun. These could then be changed over the years to better match your children’s tastes. Alternatively, you could instead add more pictures to create a timeline of your child’s activities and the things they like.

Giant periodic table of elements poster on wall above LEGO Star Wars models

Using Mats

Finding the right flooring can be quite difficult when children are involved. Tiles can be a good choice if you want a material unlikely to be damaged by pens or liquids, however, these can cause significant injury if your child were to fall. Likewise, wooden flooring may be an option, but it may still cause injury, and could be stained. Carpet can be soft and welcoming, yet may be the most likely material to show obvious stains. Due to this, you may want to think about carpeting a playroom, and then covering that carpet with foam mats. This can help to prevent damage to the flooring itself, while still allowing your child to have fun in a safe manner. You will also benefit because you should have to do a lot less cleaning if something is dropped or spilt.

Maqio Storage Boxes with various designs cats animals Christmas Zoo all placed neatly in ascending order of size in 3 piles on a sofa


While a playroom may mean that toys are no longer kept all over the house, that doesn’t mean that you want to leave this room in a complete mess. Having toy storage units can help you to teach younger children to tidy up after themselves, and make it easier for the space to be vacuumed and properly cleaned. When choosing units, you may want to consider what will best fit within the space, as well as how easy it is for your children to use. Larger or heavier units may also need to be connected to the wall to prevent injury from toppling. Smart lidded storage boxes can help encourage easy tidying, while also looking good and matching a room's theme. 

A playroom can be a wonderful space for your children to play freely and let their imaginations run wild. By considering the ways you can decorate the space, you may be able to keep the focus on fun, even when teaching important life skills and preventing injury.

This post includes images of items sent to us or discounted in price for review - including the Wonderworld Eco-House and Maqio Storage Boxes. 

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