Sunday 9 December 2018

Maqio Toy Boxes And Storage Solutions Review (sent for review)

Maqio are based incredibly locally to me and have just launched a new low-cost toy e-commerce store specialising in Maqio Boxes. These are specially decorated storage boxes that will never peel because they use In-Mould Labelling (IML). During curing the labels are fused with the box, so your box can be washed and used for years, but the pictures and patterns won't ever wear away or look tatty.

Large selection of printed storage boxes on display

We've been sent a big selection from the Maqio Box range to review - and the prices are good. This whole lot is well under £50, and if you buy before 20th December, there's an extra 10% off throughout the whole site.

We were sorting our Christmas decorations anyway, so they couldn't be handier - although they will mainly end up storing toys upstairs in the bedrooms.

Maqio Toy Boxes And Storage showing sizes and themed sets

We've been sent the following bundle and where there was an option,  I had the choice of design. The storage boxes arrived in a deceptively small cardboard box because they stack really well. There was no excess packaging either - nicely done.

Maqio Toy Boxes And Storage for small items with removable lids

All boxes are supplied with a matching lid and all items have the IML print which is incorporated into the boxes themselves - no stickers to rub off, fray or become unstuck.

Maqio 22 Litre IML Print Stockholm Storage Solution Office Toy Boxes - Christmas print.
Maqio IML Print Decorative Storage Office Toy Boxes - Set of 4 - Cats print ( I love this print!).
Maqio IML Print 50 Litre Decorative Storage Office Toy Boxes - Zoo - this 50 litre box has 4 small rollers on the bottom.
Maqio IML Print Stockholm Storage Office Toy Boxes - Set of 5 - Animals - the largest of which has 4 small rollers underneath.
Maqio IML Print Plastic Waste Bins - Chemistry.
 Christmas themed plastic storage box with lid ideal for Christmas decorations

Maqio 22 Litre Stockholm Storage Solution in Christmas print was our first choice. This is a really handy size and has hand grip holes at either end for easy carrying. Comes with a matching clip-on lid. A really great print and ideal storage for some of our Christmas decorations, or as it's only £5.31, it's a brilliant way to wrap an awkward or heavy gift or fill as a hamper....

Christmas themed plastic storage boxes with lids ideal for Christmas decorations

Cat themed plastic storage boxes with lids ideal for Christmas toys

Maqio IML Print Decorative Storage Set of 4 Boxes in Cats print (£11.69). 1 each of 22L, 10L, 5L and 1.5L . I genuinely still am not a cat person, but this modern, quirky print is cute and clever and the sizes of the 4 boxes are brilliant. They're all big enough to really be considered useful storage - or 'a seat' if you are actually a black cat.

Black cat plastic storage boxes with lids in different sizes

We liked these boxes best of all, and we particularly keen on the curved corners to the lids and the way they clip on.

Zoo animal plastic storage toy boxes with lids review

Maqio IML Print 50 Litre Decorative Storage Toy Box in Zoo print (£8.99). The 50l boxes are the largest and each have 4 small roller wheels on the bottom. These look very strong and work really well to move the boxes around, even on our carpet.

The biggest set of boxes is the Maqio IML Print Stockholm Storage, Set of 5 in the Animals print (£17.99). A 50L box which has the 4 wheels underneath. 5L and 2.5L boxes which fit inside the 50L box, plus a 20L box which is a shorter version of the 50L box.

Zoo pet and wild animal plastic stacking storage toy boxes

I wouldn't usually have picked this print, but I'm really pleased with it. If you look closely there are absolutely tons of different animals and it's a great way to teach young children. It also makes it really interesting whoever you are!

All of the boxes come with lids which are really easy to put on and take off and they're all very light, but strong.

The last item is the Maqio IML Print Plastic Waste Bin in Chemistry print. When I order again I'll buy 4 of these because I could do with them for all of the kids. A good sized bin which can be easily washed and costs a mere £2.99.

I'm really impressed. The prices are excellent and the products are really well made and attractive to look at. They stack well, the lids work and the In-Mould Printing makes these completely different from storage boxes with stickers or paint that'll scratch off and show their age. 

You can find the Maqio Toy Shop online, and the whole range of Maqio Boxes storage solutions here.  For up to date information and latest offers, follow them on social media Facebook / Twitter and Instagram

We were sent (prices correct at time of typing):
Maqio IML Print 22 Litre Stockholm Storage - Christmas £5.31
Maqio IML Print Decorative Storage - Set of 4 - Cats £11.69
Maqio IML Print 50 Litre Decorative  - Animals £8.99
Maqio IML Print Stockholm Storage - Set of 5 - Animals £17.99
Maqio IML Print Plastic Waste Bin - Chemistry £2.99

We were sent our Maqio Boxes for review. 

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