Thursday 20 December 2018

The Pyjama Factory Winter Nightwear Review (Sent For Review)

Pyjamas are probably the UK's most overlooked and yet most loved Winter wear. We have such varied weather we can even manage without in Summer, but once Winter arrives there's the whole cold and frosty vs warm and snuggly thing and pyjamas are a necessity.

Once everyone is home and has settled for the evening, there's little better than to get into your pyjamas and truly relax, so I'm very happy to say my boys and I have all been sent new pyjamas for Christmas by The Pyjama Factory.

My two boys both took very little time to choose pyjamas, the range is pretty broad, with Harry Potter, Gaming, TV, movies, sports, dinosaurs and all sorts of children's pyjamas. There will be something to please any child and my almost 9 year old went straight to the gaming section.

He wanted a pair of Fortnite pyjamas which were out of stock in his size, so chose the Space Invader Game On Long Pyjamas £10.99) which have a big print on the t-shirt and a smaller repeated pattern on the trousers. He absolutely refused to model them, so his brother stepped in.

My 10 year old had actually chosen himself Harry Potter pyjamas, with the secret phrases from the Marauders Map printed on the front of the shirt, and mainly plain black trousers.

The Harry Potter Mischief Managed I Solemnly Swear I am Up to No Good Pyjamas (£9.99) are really nicely done actually, with just a touch of red to set off the grey and black. My son is delighted.

The Pyjama Factory don't only sell children's pyjamas, there are loads of adult PJ's too. I went for something completely different to what my boys chose. Ladies owl print fleece trousers with a glitter print jersey top.

These Glitter Owl Snowflake Long Pyjamas (£15.99) are from Foxbury and the detail is lovely. I've already washed and worn them and they've so far remained perfect. The glittery owl is very pretty, and the fleece trousers are toasty warm.

I'm really pleased with the quality of the materials and the finishing from The Pyjama Factory. Sizing is exactly as I'd have hoped and the prices are very fair. They have a big range of pyjamas which really does include something to suit everyone.

You can find the whole range and place orders on The Pyjama Factory website.

We were sent our pyjamas for review.

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