Wednesday 22 May 2024

KatKin Fresh Meat Frozen Cat Food Review (sent for review)

We were recently contacted by KatKin to see if our cat Sonya wanted to try out their cat food. Unlike most canned and sachet cat foods, KatKin is not super heated to kill off any bugs or nasties. It means it won't last for months in your kitchen cupboard, but it also means it has retained more flavour and nutritional value. This is fresh meat, cooked, and frozen.

cat sniffing katkins food packaging

We were sent a 2 week trial box, with 14 portions of food in a variety of flavours (each approx 147g), plus Chicken Nibbles (50g) and Chicken Sprinkles, which are both made from freeze dried cooked chicken.

Katkins box with funny comments such as 'make like a cat and tear open here'

KatKin don't mess about, they're honest and use nice plain language. The box is decorated with some witty commentary which should appeal to most cat owners, and the different flavours are named after the sound each animal makes. 

Katkin frozen cat food varieties laid out on a table

It's actually refreshing to know exactly what you are feeding your cat, be it Cluck, Gobble or Splash. Each measured portion is made from 100% cooked meat. We aren't keen on fish in our house, so I was very pleased to see we'd only been sent 2 portions containing fish - and when you choose your own variety box you can avoid anything you or your cat aren't keen on. 

Katkin cat food review sprinkles and nibbles freeze dried chicken treats

Sonja, like most cats, can be pretty picky about food, and KatKin knows that many cats won't take to a brand new food instantly. They recommend starting with chicken, and if necessary try adding some of the Sprinkles over the top to get the senses really going. If that doesn't work you can actually warm the food slightly in the microwave, and it does smell like human food - it doesn't smell of random meat like other cat foods we've used.  

Fortunately for us, it turns out Sonja isn't actually as fussy as we expected, or else KatKin really is as nice as it sounds. On day 1 she was reluctant to try it, but eventually had a sniff and licked it a bit. By day 2 she didn't take long to try the food, and then ate the whole serving. She does also like the Nibbles as a treat, and the Sprinkles as a garnish to lick off before she eats the rest. 

cat eating katkins fresh frozen cat food from a food bowl on the floor

The portions are precisely measured to give a full day's food in 2 servings. Handily Sonja was used to having her wet food in the morning anyway, so there are no major changes to the start of the day.

Within a week it was obvious her coat is more glossy and she is a very happy and contented cat. She loiters around me in the mornings until I've fed her, and usually eats the entire portion of food in one 10 minute sitting - this has never been the case before. 

Sonja cat sitting on the grass

KatKin is frozen, and stores in the fridge for up to 5 days. I have limited fridge space, and have forgotten to take it out of the freezer a couple of times, but it defrosts pretty quickly, and you can always go the microwave route. KatKin is pre-cooked, so you are only warming the food and it's safe for your cat. It's been very warm the last few days and I actually think she's been more than happy to eat something cool, especially in the early evening. 

I'm not a fan of single use plastics, but in our area, and many others, hard plastic trays can be recycled. This means KatKin creates a lot less general waste than the pouches of cat food. The trays are easy to open, easy to clean, and the food drops straight out, so you don't end up getting any on your hands - which is a bonus to a veggie like me who doesn't like meaty fingers. 

Katkin fresh frozen cat food review showing meat inside clear plastic packaging

We found Sonja doesn't really enjoy the beef as much as the chicken, turkey, lamb or fish. She never expressed any clear preferences with other foods, because they are mixed with all kinds of ingredients you can't really tell what it is they might or might not like. It feels like I've grown to know and understand my cat a lot better through this review.

Sonja cat sunbathing on a garden chair

KatKin is recommended as a sole food, and 2 portions a day works out just under £2 at current prices. That's actually not much more than long life supermarket foods, and there's no waste - and no biscuit all over the floor! 

KatKin reviews are excellent, and I can see why. Sonja hasn't ever had problems with digestion, but KatKin is gentle on the tummy and can improve conditions such as bloating and gas, lethargy, poor coat condition, itchy skin and more. There are many reports online from people whose cats were not full of energy or thriving, but improved quickly when they changed to KatKin. Our previous cat Gary had a real issue with crystals in his bladder, and we've often wondered if his regular cat food disagreed with his body. If KatKin had been around, I'd certainly have tried it to see if it improved his quality of life.

Sonja cat lying on a human bed

Having finished our trial box, I'd definitely recommend KatKin, and already have. The photo above was pre-KatKin, and if you scroll up to the other photos, you can see just how much more glossy and smooth her coat is now. She's happy, full of life, and isn't pestering me for more food, but is always excited when it's mealtime. I know she's really enjoying it. 

KatKin is available online, and there is loads of information on the KatKin website. Meals are designed specifically for your cat and cost somewhere just below £2 per day. This price varies depending on your cat's size, age and activity levels. You start with a 2 week taster box, which currently has a 20% discount code, and then subscriptions are monthly and can be changed, paused or stopped at any time. Shipping is really quick, well packed and ours was all still frozen when it arrived. As a bonus you'll also get a code for 50% off for you both, if you introduce a friend to KatKin.

We were sent our KatKin package for review. The review is honest and I was actually under no obligation to even post. Special offers, prices and discounts are correct at the time of typing, but obviously I can't comment on how long they'll be live, or when they'll inevitably change. See the KatKin website for latest offers and prices. 

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