Friday 31 May 2024

Simba Orbit Weighted Blanket Review (Sent for review)

Last week Simba sent us their Orbit Weighted Blanket to try out, and I'll start this review by saying it's excellent. The Simba Orbit is a 15lb generously sized single blanket with a removable cover. Weighted blankets are great for anyone who likes to feel snuggled or secure when sleeping or relaxing, they're proven to help people sleep more deeply and soundly, and are often found useful by children and adults who have Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

Simba orbit Weighted Blanket with removable washable 100% cotton cover shown in front of packaging on a bed

One of my boys doesn't like the feel of a duvet, and has refused to sleep with anything other than heavy blankets for several years. He gets far too warm at night for much of the year, plus blankets can take an age to dry after washing and it really isn't ideal. He doesn't much like change, and wasn't sure about trying the Simba Orbit, but he agreed to a 3 night trial and he loves it! You'll be glad to hear the 'trial' ended after just one night, when he decided his old blankets are history and his weighted blanket is the future. 

When our Simba Orbit Weighted Blanket arrived we knew the parcel would be heavy, but the weight of the box was still a surprise. It is an excellent box, Big, strong, great lid and ideal for reusing. Simba are generally pretty good with their sustainability, focussing on recycled materials, minimal packaging that is reusable, and even adding recycling instructions on their website.

Simba Orbit weighted blanket packaging box

Our Simba Orbit blanket is designed to suit bedtime or lounging, so it's a 'single', and it's a really good size at 135×200cm. This overhangs the edges of a single bed generously without touching the floor, and it's also great for cosying up on the sofa. It is 15lbs, so when it's folded up it really does feel heavy, but when it's over your body it just feels snuggly.

Simba weighted blanket close up showing Simba label and quality of fabric 100 percent cotton

We weren't sure how the weight would be added, but it's actually tiny glass beads (nano-beads) enclosed within the quilting of the blanket itself. They are silent, can't move about, and they're spread out throughout the blanket - so there are no heavy spots and barely any 'clumping', and the blanket doesn't pull itself off the bed or get caught up around your feet. The nano-beads are also covered by a layer of cushioning, so you can barely feel they are there unless you rub the blanket between your fingers, and they certainly aren't uncomfortable against your skin or underneath you. 

Simba weighted blanket shown in close up of care label and quilting

The fabric is luxuriant soft 100% cotton, seams are taped and straight as a ruler, there are no loose threads or knots. The weighted blanket is not washable at home because of the nano-beads, but comes with a specially designed removable washable, breathable cotton cover in matching fabric. Inside the cover and around the edge of the duvet there are 8 loops and ties to secure them together (you fasten these as you put the cover on), so the cover stays neatly on the blanket exactly where you put it. 

Simba weighted blanket showing loop and tie to keep cover in correct position

Because of the technology involved, although it's heavy, the blanket isn't bulky. This is much thinner than a duvet, and only around double the thickness of a woollen blanket. Here it's where my son leaves it during the day, folded up on his bed. 

Simba weighted duvet shown folded on the end of a bed

The Simba Orbit is an excellent quality blanket, which didn't really surprise me, having previously reviewed the Simba Hybrid All Year Duvet - which also received a glowing review. It is not cheap, and costs a little more than a lot of regular department store weighted blankets (although there are certainly far more expensive weighted blankets out there!), but I've never before seen one which is such excellent quality, so evenly weighted and with it's own equally high quality cover. Although we looked at weighted blankets before, we weren't prepared to commit to spending quite a lot of money on something that seemed a bit 'industrial' or as if it would fall apart quickly. The Simba Orbit is soft yet robust. It genuinely is beautifully made, feels like it'll happily last 10 years, and my son has slept like a log. I can't find fault, and nor can he. If I gave stars it would be a 10/10 because, like many things, I think you'd find for the length of time it'll last and be used, it'll work out to be incredibly good value. 

Simba Orbit Weighted blanket for a deeper sounder sleep

The Simba Orbit Weighted Blanket is available online from the Simba Sleep websiteSimba sleep products website. For the single size 135 x 200cm (4'5" x 6'6"), which weighs 15lbs (6.8kg) the cost at time of typing is £169. Payment in installments is available, and if you sign up on the website to receive the regular Simba Sleep Newsletter, you can get 15% off your first order. 

We were sent the Simba orbit Weighted Blanket for review. All words and photos are my own, and I was compensated in any other way for my review. 

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