Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Celtic Herbal Winter Woodland Gifts Christmas Present Giveaway (sent for review)

I've got a very special and somewhat traditional giveaway tonight. Courtesy of Celtic Herbal one of my readers can win Frankincense! Welsh company Celtic Herbal make excellent quality handmade products which last an incredibly long time and are indulgent just as much as they are relaxing.

They've offered a Pine & Frankincense Winter Woodland bundle with a soy candle and a very smart reed diffuser, as a prize in my Christmas Present Giveaways.

I have used Celtic Herbal myself for a while now. I love their products. They are not inexpensive, but they last so long and work so well, that you really get your money's worth. I've used their Exotic Wood & Ylang Ylang Bath Oil for the last 9 months and it's a true treat every time.

Sublime Slime Jumbo Activity Box Giveaway for age 7-11 (Sent By The Curiosity Box)

We had a great time exploring at The Digital Kids Show last weekend and one of the most exciting things we found in the STEM Zone was The Curiosity Box. I've heard of their boxes before and been impressed at the quality and range of activities at very fair prices. It was lovely to meet the people behind the project and bring home a box for my boys to try out themselves.

The Curiosity Box have a massive range of different Science and Engineering Boxes for children aged 7-11, and a new CuriosiTots Box for younger children aged 4-6. We were given a Jumbo Curiosity Box: Atomic for children aged 7-11. My 10 year old was ecstatic!

Monday, 12 November 2018

Robo Alive Dino Robotic Toy Giveaway (age3+) Sent by Zuru Toys

This is a toy giveaway which is aimed more at younger members of the family. Sent to us for review by Zuru Toys, the Robo Alive Dino is a walking, roaring Dinosaur who opens and closes his mouth and will no doubt be very popular with young paleontologists.

The Dino takes ages to unpack and open. It's not difficult, there's just a lot of tape and then the Dino's feet are fastened on by plastic pegs. You'll need 2 x AAA batteries too, so I can't call this one entirely Christmas-morning friendly. Once the batteries are in though, he's away.

Balloon Bot Battle Game Review and Christmas Giveaway Age 8+ (Sent by KD Games)

Balloon Bot Battle is brilliant. An active and understandably noisy game, sent to us by KD Games to review, it's already a favourite. Suitable for 2 players or teams aged 8+, this is a lively family game which really allows you to let out your frustrations on your family - with their permission...

There is minimal plastic and a sturdy box, which is wasted because once you've assembled your robots they don't fit in it for storage, and aren't designed for disassembly. Assembly is quick and easy though, and actually quite exciting.

Inside the box are all the parts for 2 Balloon Bots plus 20 balloons, stickers and instructions. Assembly is fairly obvious as long as you start with everything turned the right way.

Saturday, 10 November 2018

STEM Activity Books Review and Bundle Christmas Giveaway (Age 6+) Sent by Carlton Books

My last book review and giveaway in this year's Christmas Present Giveaways is a fantastic bundle of 4 STEM Activity Books which have been sent to us from Carlton Kids Books to review.

Suitable for young readers and future Scientists and Engineers aged 6+, this is a set of books which will stretch your child in interesting and engaging ways, while they complete puzzles and pictures, spot the odd one out, answer questions and a host of other fun activities...

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and maths, and these subjects are vital for children who will be entering the job market in 10-20 years time. Each of the 4 books is a large format glossy paperback with 64 full colour pages and over 40 STEM activities crammed inside.

Friday, 9 November 2018

Star Wars Ultimate Co-pilot Chewie Interactive Plush Toy Review (age 4+) Sent by Hasbro

When Hasbro offered me the chance to review Chewie, I was really busy and barely looked before thinking, "sure, I'm a big Star Wars fan and Chewie is great". When he arrived I was completely blown away. I'm smitten. He's a cuddly toy with supersoft furReal fur, but he's also an intelligent reactive animated Chewbacca who has over 100 sound and motion combos... and he's pretty darn impressive.

Chewie arrives in a standard display box and is fastened in my plastic tags, so you'll perhaps want scissors to carefully get him out, but it'll only take a minute. He needs 4 x AA batteries, but arrives with demo batteries that often last a good while, so he's Christmas morning friendly.

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Bananas Review and Christmas Present Giveaway Age 4+ (Sent by Bandai)

I always like to find interesting stockingfillers and the Bananas we've been sent by Bandai are certainly that! Brightly-coloured and scented, and filled with all kinds of goodies including characters, stickers and a display vine, our girls would have loved these squishy collectibles when they were younger. My boys maybe aren't quite so keen...

The Banana is mainly it's own packaging. It's quite big at almost 13cm long and inside are a host of little treats that make this the perfect stockingfiller. Available as a single Banana or packs of 3.

The Bananas have different contents with 24 ‘surprise’ Crushie friends to collect, including Rare and Ultra Rare Crushies. The Bananas attach together, another feature which makes them a great collectible.

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

MiniMaster Sports Company 1/8th Scale Football Game Giveaway (age 8+)

I am truly delighted to have the MiniMaster Sports Company involved in my Christmas Present Giveaways because their 1/8th scale Football game is one of the most beautifully designed toys I've reviewed all year, with absolutely tons of added value and it's genuinely suitable for anyone aged 8-99 or over...

The set comes with 1/8th scale articulated 'kicking' footballer in white, who is ready to customise to any team of your choice (MiniMaster Sports even sell model paints separately at under £2 each) plus all of this:

Action Wand with pull-lever handle
Eye2Ball shot training aid
Goal with net (W)70cm x (H)30cm x (D)15cm
Target Screen
Gameboard with spinning Pointer
Anglefinder/Defensive Wall
5 x Lightweight Footballs
Marker Tape (4m)
5 x position Markers
Display Stand

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Football Fan's Sport Books Bundle Review and Giveaway (sent by Carlton Books).

Today's book review and giveaway has been sent to us by Carlton Kids Books. A bundle of 3 books for the sports fans amongst you, with World Football Records, Neymar: The Ultimate Fan Book and the sporting gamer's Who's Who - eSports Superstars.

Jacamo Men's Everyday Clothes review ~ Sent for review

Jacamo sell a huge range of clothes for any occasion, including everyday wear. As you will probably be aware if you've heard of them, they sell a good variety of sizes including clothes for big and tall men. My partner was offered a selection to review and although he's 6ft tall, he is now quite slim and wasn't convinced Jacamo would have his size. They do. .

If I start by saying he's really happy, he's worn them to work and to go visiting, he's let all his mates have a feel of his hoodie and coo over his trousers and one of them has already placed an order off the back of it... that probably sums up my review in a nutshell.

My partner chose his own selection and went for a pair of black jeans, a burgundy hoodie and a really smart pair of desert boots for work and 'any time we go anywhere not muddy'.

This time of year a good hoodie is essential and the Tog24 Barlow Mens Deluxe Zip Hoody really has pleased my partner. He chose 'Purple', which is a dark plum colour with grey lining. It is a really nice hoody, very well made and finished with good thick material and quality cord at the neck.

Monday, 5 November 2018

Eye Spy by Guillaume Duprat Lift-The-Flap Book for age 3-99+ Review and Giveaway (sent by WOEB)

What On Earth Books didn't only send us Absolutely Everything!, they also sent a really gorgeous lift-the-flap book for readers of all ages. Eye Spy is a huge format and incredibly beautiful book that is utterly fascinating. It shows how animals, birds and other creatures see the world and they see it very differently to us! I'm really delighted to have a copy to give away to one of my readers in my Christmas Present Giveaways...

The beginning of the book explains how we see and how eyes work, and why we even need sight at all. It's beautifully written and presented in a fold out page which already makes you feel you are holding something exciting.

Amazing Optical Illusions Book Review and Giveaway Age 6+ Sent by Carlton Books

This afternoon's Christmas Present giveaway and review is a brilliant non-fiction book which has been sent to us from Carlton Kids Books to review. Suitable for any reader aged 6+, Amazing Optical Illusions is a book which challenges you to look at the world very differently! Especially when our eyes deceive us...

This is a fairly thick book in a large format and the illustrations are really big, so even I don't have to squint to see all of the effects. Inside the book are 96 pages with over 80 optical illusions - enough to satisfy anyone.

Each optical illusion is explained so that the reader understands what is happening and often exactly why it happens. This is a puzzle book with the answers on every page and there is a really varied assortment of different optical illusions and ways to trick our eyes, our brains, or both.

Sunday, 4 November 2018

GB Posters Gift Box Of Your Choice Christmas Present Giveaway

We worked with GB Posters back in September and they sent us an amazing bundle of goodies. They sell hundreds of different posters and loads of branded merchandise including keyrings, mugs, glasses, button badges, hip flasks, plus brilliant low cost, lightweight poster frames.

This is exactly the type of gift I regularly buy at Christmas and I'm delighted that GB Posters are offering a gift box of your choice for one of my readers in this year's Christmas Present Giveaways.

The range at GB Posters is huge, there's an A-Z on the website and you'll find something for anyone. We reviewed a bundle of GB Posters items which suited our family. Posters are 4 for the price of 3, and generally £4.99 each - the same price I paid 30 years ago in HMV and Athena...

We chose Fallout, Playstation and Skyrim merchandise for the gamers, and posters for everyone, including the human skeleton, the world, Star Wars blueprints and a ginormous Periodic Table 2018.

Minecraft STEM Challenge Books Giveaway (age 6+) For Carlton Books

In the Summer we were sent 2 new Minecraft STEM Challenge books from Carlton Books - Build A City and Build A Theme Park. Both books contain all of the plans and techniques that a player needs to complete some really complex and beautiful building projects within the game of Minecraft.

Each of the Minecraft STEM Challenge books follows the same format, with explanations of basics behind building and how to create special or tricky shapes and objects, followed by a selection of themed builds.

Trumping Trudy Family Game Review and Giveaway Age 4+ (sent by KD Games)

Trumping Trudy is a family game which is suitable for 2-4 players age 4+. It's been sent to us by KA Games for review and they are offering one of my readers their own copy in my Christmas Present Giveaways.

Lively and another one which is a little bit rude, it really wasn't as horrible as I'd anticipated. Pull the cow's tail and she might laugh at you or moo, what you don't want is for her to pass gas...

Inside the box is everything you need except for 2 x AA batteries (not included), with not too much plastic packaging and a sturdy box. Initial assembly takes just a couple of minutes to put together the cow and spinner, so relatively Christmas-morning friendly, but your Trudy will not fit back in the box for storage without disassembly - which it's not really designed for.

Saturday, 3 November 2018

Absolutely Everything! Children's History Of Everything Book Pack Christmas Giveaway

We've been sent the Absolutely Everything Bundle to review. Published by What On Earth? Books. Absolutely Everything!: A History of Earth, Dinosaurs, Rulers, Robots and Other Things Too Numerous to Mention really is a huge book full of the history of everything, starting with the Earth itself. A big thick hardback full of information, diagrams, photos and illustrations, it's the sort of beautiful and fascinating book that anyone can pick up and spend a quality hour with...

The Absolutely Everything Bundle contains the Absolutely Everything! book plus a brand new and quite different Activity Book. To promote the launch, for the next month only you can buy the Absolutely Everything Bundle for a mere £10Bargain. Excellent for any child who wants to learn more at home and ideal for home educators. 

Suitable for readers of any age around 9+ and written by Chris Lloyd, who created the brilliant Timeline Wallbooks, Absolutely Everything!: A History of Earth, Dinosaurs, Rulers, Robots and Other Things Too Numerous to Mention takes us on an epic journey from the creation of the universe 13.8 billion years ago, right through to the modern world, computing, equality, war and peace...

Friday, 2 November 2018

The Gloriumptious Worlds Of Roald Dahl Book Giveaway from Carlton Books (For any age)

The Gloriumptious Worlds Of Roald Dahl is a truly gorgeous book which was released to celebrate what would have been Roald Dahl's 100th birthday. Sent to us by Carlton Books to review back in August 2016, it's still one of my favourite books of all-time and I'm delighted that Carlton Books have offered a copy for one of my readers in my Christmas Present Giveaways.

Suitable for readers of any age, this is a book which looks more deeply into Roald Dahl's stories and recreates some of the items which appear, guesses and elaborates on backstory and takes 'comments' from witnesses and participants. It also includes some of Roald Dahl's original notes.

Pages are crammed full of new illustrations by Roald Dahl's long-time collaborator, Quentin Blake, and you can't help but feel it's exactly as Roald would have wanted it.

Ultimate Cars Children's Book Giveaway (Sent by Carlton Books)

My youngest 2 boys have never really been impressed by vehicles, which is the opposite of my 2 oldest, who were complete petrol-heads. They'd have loved Ultimate Cars, which has been sent to us by Carlton Books and I have a copy to give away to one of my readers in my Christmas Present Giveaways...

Ultimate Cars: The World's Most Amazing Speed Machines isn't just about speed. It starts with the history of the motor vehicle and it's manufacture, and the rest of the book is split into 5 sections - Performance Cars, Iconic Cars, Crazy Cars, Racing Cars and Future Cars.

Pull My Finger Game Review (age 4+) Sent for review by Jakks Pacific Toys

Pull My Finger is one of the ultimate 'Dad jokes' and I don't think there's a parent alive who hasn't either said it or tutted at it! We've been sent a copy of the game to review, and it is exactly as you might suspect - you pull the character's finger and wait to see if he produces a fart.

It won't be everyone's cup of tea, but is suitable for 2 or more players aged 4+ and I think the younger members of your family might just find it highly amusing....

Inside the box is everything you'd need, including a spare backside in case you burst yours (there's a phrase I never thought I'd type). Included are the monkey himself, who is called Mr Buster, 1 monkey tail, 2 monkey butts, 1 monkey base, 1 spinner.

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Don't Call Me Princess! Children's Book Christmas Giveaway with New Internationalist

This Christmas Present Giveaway has been sent to us by publishing co-operative New Internationalist. Don't Call Me Princess! is one of the funniest and cleverest storybooks I have ever read. Award-winning cartoonist Kate Evans' first children’s book takes a good look at 6 of our favourite fairytales and shows us exactly why being the princess wasn't such a great deal... I love this book.

Suitable for independent readers aged around 6+, but a good short read for humans of any age, this is a book which rips apart The Princess and the Pea, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Rapunzel and The Little Mermaid. And it does it beautifully.

Stay Safe With Thomas - 10 Book Giveaway for Network Rail

I didn't think I'd be working with Thomas again, our boys have all grown out of him now, but I'm a strong believer that children should learn all kinds of skills from story books without even realising it. Stay Safe With Thomas is a partnership between Network Rail, Mattel and Thomas & Friends, who have created a book which teaches children how they should behave around trains and railway lines.

This is the first time Network Rail has partnered with children's entertainment company Mattel, and the first time Mattel has published a Thomas the Tank Engine book with a rail safety theme.
In the past 5 years, the number of young people taking risks on railway lines has risen by 80%, so safety messages need to reach younger children before they are allowed to play unsupervised and put themselves in danger.