Thursday 29 November 2018

Staying Warm This Winter With Modern Fabrics (Sent for review)

Winter is approaching fast and the zero temperatures mean a change of clothes. Some of the best ways to keep yourself warm are by wearing sensible shoes and layers, and fabrics have become so clever that this is far more comfortable than ever before...

You don't have to be involved in Winter sports to benefit from dressing up warmly, the walk to school can be bracing enough in this weather. It's been made far nicer for me with my new Women’s North Face fleece.

Super thin and comfy Polartec fabric, it is incredibly warm and when Winter really arrives it'll fit under any coat or waterproof. It's also really soft, has huge pockets and is long enough to cover my behind - three of my favourite features of any fleece jacket.

Our trip out to review the Trafford Centre Christmas recently was bliss with no huge coats to have to carry around indoors. Travelling around though, my partner really felt the benefit of his Men’s Berghaus fleece and I think it looks great.

Warm enough to replace his usual jacket, but with the comfort of a big cardigan, this is also incredibly soft and snuggly. It dries far more quickly than traditional fabrics and after 2 washes it's still looking like new.

His feet have been feeling the benefit too, with Men’s walking boots from Brasher with more technology than your average car. The Country Master boots have Vibram Soles and are designed for rougher terrain than a Manchester shopping centre usually offers. These will be brilliant for any snow this Winter, but will really come into their own on our camping trips next year.

His boots are completely waterproof and breathable, and as insurance also have Agion scent protection built into the fabric. I'm sure anyone who has a family member who rambles will appreciate the benefit that will be. He says they're the most comfortable boots he's ever had and tested them with an all-day trip out. His confidence paid off - even from new they're soft and malleable enough not to rub.

Another thing which will be brilliant for camping, but which I've used every day since they arrived is my pair of North Face Women's Gloves. These are so effective that they even warm up my hands in freezing temperatures. As a teenager I wore 3 pairs of gloves for my morning paper round and still froze, these are like some sort of magic.

A really soft and cosy material, and with a special Etip at the end of the fingers. I can take photos and use my phone without having to remove my gloves and expose my hands to the cold. I love them.

It's only fair, my partner got new men's gloves. He has the North Face Etip too, but his are very different to mine. Waterproof and breathable - perfect for when he's scraping the ice from the van windows at 6.30am, but also for snowballs, which is infinitely more fun...

Finally, a hat, and what better than the Countryfile Children In Need woolly bobble hat. Very traditional and cosy, we seem to have lost this one to our 10 year old - and he really does suit it...

The brands included in this post asked for our opinion on the products featured from their range. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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