Thursday 15 November 2018

51 Months #TBCSmiles...

It's an absolutely manic time of year for me just now with all of the Christmas toys and books, and the small matter of Christmas Present Giveaways. I've also just had a day off for my birthday, and an other day off to visit my daughter in Sheffield with the Co-op to find out what she's really been eating! Well worth it despite having to catch up...

Autumn has definitely arrived and your photos are very Autumnal!! It's lovely going back seeing all of the Halloween costumes and firework photos, because that already seems like it was months ago. Christmas will be with us before we can blink.

I especially love that we have so many grown ups in photos this month, it's nice to see you the right side of the camera, taking photos for your children to show their kids when they are your age. You don't have to have lots of followers or a fancy camera, ANYONE is welcome to join in and a HUGE thank you to everyone who does.

I haven't had chance to comment on as many of your smiles as usual this month. I'll catch up though - eventually!

Here are 9 of the biggest and brightest smiles you guys shared this month. Just use the hashtag #TBCSmiles on any smile on Instagram! If you are struggling to find anything to smile about, go and take a look and it will brighten any day.

These gorgeous smiles were brought to us by the following people:

We had plenty of smiles too, including some amazing reviews and days out, and from that visit to see one of our Uni freshers with the Co-op. I advise any Uni parent to go and visit their child for a few hours alone, it was excellent. We have to go and surprise the other two now...

If you can't see your smiles then look again. They are always there...

If you don't know why we collect our smiles you can find out here. It is not a happy post and carries trigger warnings. Our smiles are the reason and the reminder for why we carry on.

You have already proven you are stronger than you think.

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  1. What a beautiful collection of smiles. Lovely photos x


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