Wednesday, 7 November 2018

MiniMaster Sports Company 1/8th Scale Football Game Giveaway (age 8+)

I am truly delighted to have the MiniMaster Sports Company involved in my Christmas Present Giveaways because their 1/8th scale Football game is one of the most beautifully designed toys I've reviewed all year, with absolutely tons of added value and it's genuinely suitable for anyone aged 8-99 or over...

The set comes with 1/8th scale articulated 'kicking' footballer in white, who is ready to customise to any team of your choice (MiniMaster Sports even sell model paints separately at under £2 each) plus all of this:

Action Wand with pull-lever handle
Eye2Ball shot training aid
Goal with net (W)70cm x (H)30cm x (D)15cm
Target Screen
Gameboard with spinning Pointer
Anglefinder/Defensive Wall
5 x Lightweight Footballs
Marker Tape (4m)
5 x position Markers
Display Stand

Fix the wand (or stick as we tend to call it) to the footballer and tug on the little lever to make him kick. He is brilliantly designed for excellent control and with practice you'll be amazed, but right from the start anyone can score a goal and be proud. Just look at these lining up to take free kicks...

There's even a little spirit level to angle your player correctly. Set up the wall of defenders and you can chip the ball over the top, or take a shot from a tight angle or at a distance of up to 4m (12ft). There's a fantastic target screen included, which fixes beautifully to the HUGE net. 1/8th scale is actually quite big!

The footballer and wand stands so tall that an adult can play standing upright - great if you love football but aren't able to get out and run around a pitch for real. You can even shake it up a bit and play on different surfaces. Short pile rug we find easiest - I don't advise parquet flooring, although it's very exciting...

I raved in my MiniMaster Sports Football review about the quality of this set and it really is beautiful. The MiniMaster Sports Company are a UK company making excellent quality products with absolutely loads of added value and pride in what they do. It's also ridiculously good fun! The set makes an excellent gift and they even make a MiniMaster Sports Golf if football isn't your thing.

The MiniMaster Sports Company Football and Golf Games are currently £34.95 each from Amazon*. Bargain.

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I'm delighted to have a MiniMaster Sports Football Game to give away to one of my readers in my Christmas Present Giveaways.

Entry to the giveaway is by Gleam form below. Your details aren't used for anything unless you are drawn as the random winner, then I check the winning entry and email you. No entry is essential, but each extra task completed earns more entries into the draw. For a link to help if you are new to Gleam, or to see my other Christmas Present Giveaways for games, books, Gift Sets and more, go to my giveaways page...

Full terms and conditions are at the bottom of the Gleam form, but the giveaway is open to UK entrants only and will close at midnight 2nd December for Christmas delivery.

MiniMaster Sports Company 1/8th Scale Football Game Giveaway (age 8-99+)

We were originally given our MiniMaster Sports Football Game for review. *Amazon links are affiliate, in vain hopes that I may keep us in cat food. I earn a few pence if you buy through my link, but you don't pay any more. It helps keep the website running. And the cat. 


  1. I'm going to say Tennis, mainly because it would remind me of playing it on an Olympics game on the PSOne from about the 1992 Olympics!

  2. I would like to do extreme sports (Bungee Jumping etc) in 1/8th scale, would take some of the fear out!

  3. I agree with you, Ninja Warrior would be fab!

  4. Such a great set and fantastic competition. Thanks for sharing x

  5. Rugby Union...the hits wouldn't be as painful and no cauliflower ears.

  6. Some kind of epic battle would be fun!

  7. Skiing, it just got to be a lot easier!

  8. My girls would say princess and castle games, i personally think ice hockey would be cool game in 1/8th scale

  9. My girls would say princess and castle games, i personally think ice hockey would be cool game in 1/8th scale

  10. My son says pokemon

  11. Some sort of crime investigation game would be good!

  12. I think I would like to swim a mile in a 18th scale swimming pool, I might just make it them

  13. Strictly come dancing would be cool

  14. I think some table tennis would be fun

  15. Crystal Maze, now that could be interesting! Thanks for the competition x

  16. I agree ninja warrier


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