Tuesday 21 January 2014


Last year we were lucky enough to be able to review the Miioon Ruckjack, which is a fabulous jacket that turns into a rucksack, so the adult never has to carry it! It's a proper waterproof coat with thinsulate lining that my son has been wearing every day and still looks really good and keeps him warm even at 8.30am on the way to school in January. What's even better is that it has a Moshi Monsters lining and zip pulls (Oonits), so he's the coolest kid in Nursery.

Miioon don't only make the Ruckjack, they make a range of clothes that are not only good quality and practical, they're personalised by the child, so there will be no complaints about actually wearing them.

Miioon sell their products via their website, and gift cards can also be bought online or in ASDA, so that you can give them as gifts. Now Miioon want to expand their sales and they're hoping that you can help them. They are looking for people who wish to become Oontrepreneurs - running their own business from home or on-the-go, showing samples of the clothes, explaining how the website and gift cards work and selling the gift cards.

I wouldn't usually promote something like this, but I've spoken at length with Mama Oon and I believe that actually this is a very good deal. Oontrepreneurs start by buying a package of products which includes 3 Ruckjacks, 4 T-shirts, 2 Pyjama bottoms, shoe laces, Oonits (zip pulls) and a Swoopercape, plus all the paperwork you'll need, for only £98. You are then under no pressure to meet targets or sell certain amounts - but you will receive 30% commission on any sales you make. When we first got my son's jacket loads of people wanted to look and have been incredibly interested by it, I'd have had no problem selling a handful of jackets without even trying.

Mama Oon says:
"This is what makes us unique from other social selling models, especially clothing ones:

Because the kids do the designing themselves by redeeming the gift card, the Oontrepreneur does not need to hold large cumbersome amounts of stock.  A real business on the go that doesn't require the biceps of Hulk Hogan.
The sample pack and sales material are used to translate the amazing quality that is miioon and the cards are given to the customers directly to take away.  You can even sell cards at the school gate and raise money for your PTA.  The training and back end office support will be second to none too!  Easy!" 
They are looking to recruit Regional Heads too.

If you are intrigued and want to know more, then you can find out all about opportunities with Miioon on their website.

I was not paid in any way for this post. 


  1. My daughter love her ruckjack! they are fab!

    1. My son loves his - they are a brilliant coat. He never wore one without sa fight until he had his Ruckjack :)

  2. The ruckjacks look great. Wish I was better at selling but I've tried these things before and never been able to make any money!

    1. I'm no good at selling - I end up giving everyone discounts and losing my profits!

  3. They do look great, I just wouldn't have the spare cash to get it off the ground.


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