Wednesday 16 April 2014

Crushed Children's Fast Fruit Snacks

I bumped into the ladies from Crushed at the Little Fun Fest, and they were so smiley and their gazebo so full of laughter (despite being a bit worse for wear after heavy winds first thing) that it was an absolute pleasure.

Crushed is a small independent company started by two Mums who wanted a nice mess free snack for children that provided around 2 of your recommended 7-A-DAY portions of fruit and vegetables. This is a full 100g pouch which is suitable for age 1+ and ideal for pre-school, infant and junior school children.

Crushed Fruit Snack for children smoothie kids

Crushed children's fruit snack is in a squeezable packaging that needs no spoon or bowl.  It has a long shelf life and doesn't need to be stored in the fridge - although they taste even better chilled. Made entirely from fruit they aren't watered down or full of unnecessary ingredients, so they're suitable for veggies and are nut free.

Crushed packaging shot squeezy pouch

Available for now in two flavours -  Apple & Strawberry and  Apple & Banana - they aren't tart or bitter at all like some snacks. I don't know if that is because of the inclusion of  Chokeberry (Aronia) in the Strawberry version, but my boys clearly love it.

It's a real treat to have fruit like this for my boys and they begged for them every day until they were all gone. I'm certainly going to be adding them to my shopping list whenever I can get them. As these are a new UK launch they're currently available in Waitrose and will be coming to Ocado very soon. Brilliant for camping, holidays, day trips and lunchboxes, and a real treat, they're a winner here.

For news about new stockists and products stay in touch with Crushed via their website, Facebook Page and on Twitter @CrushedUK

And if you ever see these two at an event - go over and chat - they REALLY don't bite! 


  1. These look great for kids - ideal for out and about and a really good way of boosting their fruit intake for the day.

    1. They really are. We've had some more babyish ones before and my boys didn't really like them - they loved these! :)

  2. They look great for bring them out.

    1. They are really handy for trips out - great for the beach because they won't get ruined by the sand!


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