Saturday 12 April 2014

Little Fun Fest at Red House Farm April 2014

We were lucky enough this year to be picked as Bloggers Extraordinaire for the Little Fun Fest at Red House Farm at Dunham Massey near Chester. We had an absolutely brilliant time when we visited Little Fun Fest at York Maze last year, so I knew we were in for a real treat again.

This is Manchester, so naturally it was raining, but we're used to that and it was really quite warm and the ground wasn't very slippy, with loads of straw just in case, so it didn't dampen the day.

Baby Ballet Bears and Ballerina

First we went into the barn and watched the Baby Ballet for a few moments and said 'hiya' to Mrs Hannah (Karen from Grumpyishmum) who had moved inside after her marquee blew away before everyone arrived!

Mrs Hannah's event catering Little Fun Fest

Then we went over to watch Harry Potter and Professor McGonagall. My boys really liked the Harry Potter area last year and still have the wands they made, and it was actually what my 5 year old was looking forward to most.

Harry Potter Sword through neck trick Little Fun Fest 2014 Professor McGonagall

What we didn't expect was that he'd be pulled out of the crowd to be a magician's assistant and have a sword put through his neck! Now Harry Potter really is his ultimate hero!

Harry Potter Weasley's Flying Ford Anglia Car
Children can't resist a mirror!
The boys planted magic beans with help from a young Professor Snape.

On our way to the main field we stopped to chat with the Crushed ladies, who were clearly having a great time in spite of nearly losing their marquee in the wind earlier.

Crushed UK Children's Fruit Smoothies

And we visited the Big Top to watch the Altrincham Children's Show Choir belt out some great songs - here singing 'I Predict A Riot' by The Kaiser Chiefs

Altrincham Children's Show Choir Little Fun Fest Dunham Massey

The main field was absolutely full of amazing activities - everything we had a go on was FREE! My boys couldn't believe it when they'd had a funfair ride and then I let them have another, and another, and another....

Fairground rides Little Fun Fest Red HOuse Farm

My 5 year old wasn't so keen on the pirate ship though....

Time for lunch and because it had been dry for a while and the sun was trying to peep through, we went and sat in the play area to eat our Mrs Hannah's lunch boxes. We had a couple of visitors during lunch! One of the nicest things about Fun Fest is the way all the celebrities and characters wander about and talk to the children.

Spiderman That Poetry Bloke Little Fun Fest

After lunch it was back over to the main field and a chance to try a couple more free activities.

The only problem with a bouncy slide in the drizzle is cold feet!
3 year old circus skills tightrope walking

 Next it was time for the official 'meet and greet' with the celebrities and stars.

Cat Sandion CBBC Cbeebies meet and greet
Cat Sandion from CBBC
Flynn Rapunzel from Tangled Disney dress up characters
Flynn and Rapunzel from Tangled
Flynn Tangled dress up costume smoulder
The 'smoulder'
Frozen Disney Princesses Little Fun Fest Red House Farm Chester
2 Frozen Princesses and someone else.
My youngest didn't like the 'official meet and greet'. He doesn't like it when people are dressed up or 'off the TV' and clamps down. He's okay straightaway afterwards, but he won't join in at the time. But something magical happened.....

Dr Ranj meet and greet Little Fun Fest Red House Farm Chester CBBC Cbeebies

Dr Ranj came over to talk and take a photo....

And he was concerned. He didn't like that our 4 year old wasn't participatory and looked sad...

And so he sat with him for several minutes, and he talked to him, and he laughed, and he made jokes....and eventually my littlest boy came round...

Dr Ranj didn't have to do that. He could have just moved on. Some of the other celebrities had already left, and he'd had a long day. We wouldn't have thought twice if he'd gone, but instead what he did was he gave up 10 minutes of his day for my son. He showed what an incredibly lovely man he is and went far beyond what anyone would expect. Thank you Dr Ranj.

Then it was over to the Big Top for the Gunge Tank. The victim was decided by a Balloon Pumping contest. One contestant was Laura from Tired Mummy Of Two who works with Little Fun Fest, and the other, after many calls to the audience for volunteers was a man named Duncan. It was very competitive....

Alex Winters Little Fun Fest Red HOuse Farm Gunge Tank Mr Topper Balloon Pumping Contest

Laura won! Her balloon popped first, which caused panic for Alex Winters and The Mad Hatter. They'd tried to fix it so that she lost! Poor Duncan was in for a make it worse his own son pulled the string!

It was hilarious and my boys really got into it - shouting and cheering and having a real laugh. Duncan was a really good sport.

Alex Winters 6 Degrees Of Harmony Duncan Gunge Tank Little Fun Fest 2014

After the Gunge Tank it was time for the characters and celebrities to come and dance with the crowd. My boys were shattered and didn't want to to stay, so we went outside and waved goodbye to everyone as they came past.

We had a fantastic day and the boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Little Fun Fest is an amazing event, especially for children aged around 2 - 8ish. Small children don't understand that everything costs - they see it, they want it. At Little Fun Fest it's in with the cost of the ticket - it IS free. If they want to ride on the tea cups 15 times or bounce on the inflatables for 2 hours it won't break the bank.

Everyone involved with Little Fun Fest is lovely. They all give everything to make sure the children have a great day. Spiderman jumps around all day, Alex Winters wanders through the crowd checking everyone's having a good time. Harry Potter must wave that wand a million times and the Disney Princesses never stop smiling. There is so much to see and do that you won't be able to do everything, and you won't spend a moment bored. We'll be back again next year and I'd recommend it to anyone with young children.

We received our tickets free of charge as Bloggers Extraordinaire. The 'official meet and greet' is by invitation only, but you can meet all of the characters and celebrities as they walk around on site during the day. In April 2014 a family ticket for 4 cost only £64, which is definitely well worth it. Children 18 months and under are free.


  1. Wow! Look like a great event! Everyone seems to have a lovely time!

    1. It was brilliant Eileen, it'd be well worth you driving up :)

  2. I hadn't heard of this event before and it looks like great fun, I love it when the cost of the ticket is all you have to pay, makes budgeting for a day out more affordable and well done Dr Rajh :-)

    1. Dr Ranj is a complete star, he really is. It is lovely to know you don't have to spend a fortune, I wish all days out were like this really with our lot! :)

  3. I really want to go next year before 6yo is too old to appreciate it

    1. I think you have a couple of years yet, she'd get loads out of it still. We took 2 of the teenagers last year and even they had a great time at 13 :D

  4. Wow, what an amazing looking event! Do you think Dr Ranj has magic powers?
    Glad you had a fab time!

    1. Dr Ranj may just have stood very close to Harry Potter at some point....hmmmm ;) hahaha

  5. This looks like such an amazing time x

    1. It was loads of fun, it really was. It dos exactly as they intend - a full day of outdoor and big top fun for younger children :)

  6. What a great event!!
    All these wonderful photos make me wanna be there, and have fun :)

    1. Thank you! I spent hours choosing - I took hundreds of photo's! :D

  7. Sounds and looks like you had an amazing day! Shame about the weather but it doesn't look like it stopped you all enjoying yourselves. I'm very jealous you got to meet Dr Ranj :p I am hoping they come to Yorkshire again this year as we really enjoyed it last year!


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