Wednesday 4 June 2014

Introducing my Britmums Live sponsor...

I have already posted that I'll be travelling down to London in a fortnight's time to go to Britmums Live, and now I'm absolutely delighted to be able to announce that I have a sponsor for the event, and they're a company I'm very proud to be associated with. My sponsor is the games and magic sets manufacturer Drumond Park - the UK’s biggest, best and friendliest independent games company!

This is a company I've worked with for the last 8 months, and in fact it's the only company that I have ever contacted myself out of the blue and asked if I can review for them - so I guess I must have done an okay job!

We are big board game players and we very often get some snacks in on a Saturday night, switch off the TV and all play together as a family. Everyone here has a favourite Drumond Park game, so we're delighted to be increasing our relationship with them.

We've reviewed quite a few games for them now, my personal favourites being the original LOGO and LOGO: Best Of TV And Movies - both of which get regular airtime in our house. My younger boys' preferred game is the Magic Tooth Fairy Game, but our favourite review so far is for Gross Magic, which is designed for children aged 8+.  Although he's only 5, the 2nd youngest member of our family was completely smitten by it, and so we let him do the review himself....

I think he did an excellent job, and he entertained anyone who came close enough for the next couple of weeks. He's determined to get the sleight-of-hand tricks perfect, so I think it's likely we may revisit this set on the blog when he's a little older!

I'm going to be looking at more Drumond Park games in the future, and I have a giveaway currently running for the latest game that we have reviewed for them - Don't Laugh! the Electronic Board Game.

If you will be at Britmums Live and you want to know which games would suit your children - you're more than welcome to come and have a chat, it'll be great to meet you!

Our Drumond Park Reviews

LOGO - Best Of TV & Movies
Gross Magic
The Magic Tooth Fairy Game
LOGO Billionaire
Wordsearch Junior
LOGO - What Am I?
Catch Phrase TV Board Game
Don't Laugh! Electronic Board Game


  1. We love the Drumond Park games too - what a great sponsor!

  2. Yay! nice one - see you there with bells on! xxx

    1. Absolutely! It'll be great to meet you in person :D

  3. Great sponsor Jenny - really pleased for you. Does this mean we can have a LOGO fest at BritMums??

  4. Well done Jenny. We love Drumond Park games here too

    1. Cheers Angela - I am really pleased - so's my partner tbh. It's a lot to go to London! :D


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