Thursday 14 August 2014

An Xtreme Visit to the Chill Factore, Manchester

We were really lucky a couple of weeks ago because we were invited twice in 3 days to attend events at the Chill Factore, at Trafford Park in Manchester. Even luckier because one event was for the over 12's and one event for the under 5's - which suited my family really well!

Xtreme Chewits

We love Chill Factore and have been before a few times, so an invite to the Chewits Xtreme Sour Pineapple launch for the older children was really exciting. 

Extreme Chewits Pineapple flavour

Unfortunately when it happened one of our offspring was working, one was in Scotland doing voluntary work and two were in Malta with their Dad! Unusually it left us only one child in the right age range, so they were allowed to take a friend. Neither of them are very keen on having their photo's taken, but I'm allowed this one.

Teenagers Eating Chewits

While we were waiting for everyone to arrive there was plenty of time to sample the new Pineapple Sour Xtreme Chewits. Everyone at my table loved them - they managed to eat about 7 packs anyway!! Xtreme Chewits are aimed mainly at the 11+ market, but everyone tried them and there were some great faces pulled by my youngest two!

Little boy eating Extreme sour Chewits
Little boy eating Extreme sour Chewits

And then it was off to the slopes! We left them to it for the next two hours, and Chewits kindly took photo's for us.  They were given full safety instructions and tuition before they started. 
Receiving basic instruction at Chill Factore
Sadly my shy teenagers weren't in many photo's, but  they were captured in video Airboarding. I'm not sure they'll thank me for sharing it, but I can confirm they weren't THAT bad every time!

As well as hurtling down the slopes face first on what looks like an inflatable body board, they also got to try the Extreme Sledging - all the way from the top of the main slope and definitely not on a tea tray!

Chill Factore Manchester Extreme sledging board
I think this is one of mine! 
Chill Factore Manchester extreme sledging
There's no video of my 2 doing this, but I did at least manage to spot them and take photo's from the sideline - just before they finished! 

Chill Factore Manchester Trafford Centre Sledging slope and tubing run

Inside floor plan layout of the slopes at Chill Factore Manchester. This is what the inside of Chill Factore looks like

Chill Factore Extreme Sledging (12+) and Airboarding (8+) are available for anyone with full health to take part in, although obviously certain exclusions apply (I wouldn't be able to participate in the sledging with my recently broken leg). Our two teenagers had an excellent time and thoroughly enjoyed it!

All the teenagers were absolutely starving when they came back, and were treated to pizza and chips, and some more Chewits, before being given excellent goody bags.

Chewits and Chill Factore Xtreme goodies

We will definitely revisit the Chewits Cookbook at some point!

Chewits Xtreme Sour Pineapple flavour joins Xtremely Sour Apple and Xtremely Sour Tutti Frutti flavours in your local sweet shop for 37p. 

Chewits have also released two Ultimate Share Mix bags - Chewits Chewmix and Xtreme Chewmix, each with 3 different flavours in a 180g bag with an RRP of £1.39.

We're huge fans of Chewits here because they're vegetarian, so all of our 7 children can enjoy the same sweets together. They are also free from artificial colours, dairy free, contain very low gluten and have no hydrogenated fats. They make an excellent treat and stockingfiller!

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We were treated to the Chewits Xtreme Event in return for writing about it


  1. A Chewits Cookbook?? I'd be interested to see a recipe from that!

  2. I'm sure it wont take you long before we see a chewits inspired recipe.

  3. A Chewits cook book sounds... interesting! I love the look of Chill Factore, definitely somewhere to take my two when Little Miss A is older.

  4. Looks like you're two had a great time, although not good for a blogging mimm to be camera shy! I love the Chill Factore, can't wait until my two are old enough to go properly x

  5. The Chill Factor really is a great day out. Bud was talking about it snowing at Christmas the other day and I promised him we would go to Chill Factor to play in the snow if we don't get any snowfall. Thanks for linking up to #WHWH


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