Tuesday 5 August 2014

Robert's Bakery 50 Days Of Summer Free Downloadable Activity Pack.

A couple of months ago we went on an amazing picnic with Roberts Bakery, where we were introduced to 50 Days Of Summer, and some fantastic sandwiches including Strawberries & Cream, Nutty Nana and the Sunshine Sandwich

We were also treated to some great entertainment - mainly for the children. 

Roberts Bakery was established in 1887, and is the UK's 4th largest independent baker, producing two million bread loaves, rolls and bakery treats a week.

Roberts Bakery have created a free to download pack full of all kinds of activities and days out to keep you and your children busy all Summer. It includes the National Football Museum in Manchester, which I'll be posting about this week, and Red House Farm, home to the Little Fun Fest earlier this year. There are all kinds of activities to do together, such as making cereal box robots and dens, and even your own water park in the garden (which should be ace if the weather forecasters are right).

The 50 Days Of Summer pack also includes all of the recipes we tried during our picnic, plus plenty more sandwich inspiration for your picnic while you're out enjoying yourself. All of the recipes have been prepared with the guidance of acclaimed nutritionist Dr Carina Norris (C4 Turn Back Your Body Clock, author of four You Are What You Eat books).

Day 22 on the activity plan - Knowsley Safari Park! 

Go on, have some fun - and put the excitement back into your butty while you're at it!

We were treated to the lovely picnic in return for posting.


  1. What a lovely post :) I especially like the photos from Knowsley! I'm going to download the Robertson's guide - our summer is pretty full but I need to know what a sunshine sandwich is! I always struggle for packed lunch inspiration so I'm sure this will be very handy!

    1. :D I'm sure they won't mind too much! The sunshine sandwich is really incredibly different - but genuinely delicious! :)


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