Sunday 23 November 2014

Extra Special Loaves from Warburtons.

Warburtons are very nice to their bloggers, and I have to say I felt a bit spoilt when a hamper arrived the other day full of interesting goodies so that we could try their new range of four Extra Special Loaves.

Warburtons new special loaves reviewed

The Special Loaves are available in four varieties -

Warburtons special bread loaves

Malted Grain & Seeds is my favourite. A really nice bread with good grains and seeds - no sticks or huge chewy bits. It's really light and makes gorgeous toast. 

Wholegrain & Oat is my partner's favourite. Although tasty, it doesn't overpower your filling, and is a lighter bread than the Honey Wheat.

Warburtons new bread varieties

Honey Wheat has a hint of honey sweetness and has a rich, full taste of it's own. It's a really quite heavy bread. It suits mature cheese and pickle perfectly, but likewise makes great jammy toast.

Old English White is a yeasty Farmhouse style white loaf, still with a soft crust, but a stronger flavour more like home-made bread.

Warburton's breads toasted

A selection of different Warburtons breads toasted

My partner likes them all, but says that for Sunday breakfast none of them beat bacon and maple syrup on a Warburton's crumpet! 

Bacon and maple syrup on a Warburton's Crumpet

Warburton's new Extra Special Loaves are coming to a supermarket near you and make a really nice and tasty change from regular white or wholemeal bread. They're already on sale in Ocado online at £1.39 for a 400g loaf.

Warburtons regularly have special offers and promotions, right now you can get your hands on free cinema tickets - to keep up with the action on their Facebook page.


  1. Oh I am so jealous! We love Warburtons especially their Thins but I think I could be swayed by one of those oaty seedy loaves. They look so thick sliced too, yummy! x

    1. They are nice and thick - that's part of the reason I showed them as toast, they're all perfect for it :)

  2. I do love Warburtons breads and the thins - that crumpet looks scrumptious!

    1. The maple syrup and bacon crumpet is one of my partner's most favourite Sunday breakfasts :)

  3. Had not seen them before. They look so yummy!

  4. Bacon and maple syrup on a crumpet. I'm hungry now!

  5. Scrummy, they sound great. I have never though of having bacon and syrup on top of a crumpet but will have to give that a try!

  6. I grew up on Warburtons bread and still eat it now at 44!mI'm not one for bits in bread but I have to say the malted grain and seeds loaf is gorgeous, it makes a fantastic sandwich with premium ham and fancy lettuce with a good pickle, it doesn't overpower any flavour rather compliments it with subtle nuttiness and I love the linseed in it. It does also make a good crisp toast yummy with butter and set honey. Yet to try the rest of the range but plab on the white for bacon sarnie on Christmas Day morning :-D

  7. I spotted these in Sainsburys yesterday. Wish I'd grabbed one now. Will have to look out for them again x


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