Friday 21 November 2014

The super simple Argos Christmas Wishlist app. for children aged 3+

Every year since the oldest was tiny my children have, around this time of year, collected their Argos book of dreams and sat and circled all the things they'd like for Christmas. They do then have to pick out a small selection of those 15 billion items (approx) to write Christmas lists in their own best handwriting, to pass on to Santa.

The Argos Christmas Wishlist app. review

The choice out there is immense, and buying the wrong character or colour or set is all too easy. This is the modern world, young children are computer literate, and so it really isn't a surprise that this year Argos have released a Christmas Wishlist app. that children as young as 3 can use to create their own wishlist online.

A really simple app for writing a child's Christmas list

The wishlist can then be shared with Mum and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa and anyone else who wants some inspiration. It was unbelieveably easy....

Example of Argos wish list app.  pages - information on use

When the app. starts up it first quickly explains how it works...

How the Argos wishlist app works

You set the limits for maximum item price and number of items on the wishlist...

Settings on the Argos Wishlist app.

Then pass it over to your child. They choose a 'helper', take a photo and type in their name...

Child chooses a helper, name and photo for the Argos Christmas wishlist

Then they start. Both my 6 year old and my 4 year old had absolutely no problem navigating to find the toys they liked, and add them to their wishlist....

 Argos Christmas wishlist in action choosing toys

Once the item limit has been reached they see all their items and can delete some if they wish, and then go back and add more. They can also highlight favourites, and even write on the screen using the virtual pens. You can also drag the icons around the screen so that you can see them better.

 Argos Christmas wishlist in use by a child selected toys

It's then super simple and intuitive. I'm really impressed. Once your list is complete just click on the envelope and email the results to your parent (or whoever).

Argos Christmas wishlist review email to parent

You receive a copy of the on-screen app. image, and also a simple breakdown with links to the items.

Argos Christmas wishlist app. review email to parent

We really like it. The boys had a great half hour both doing their wishlists, they needed no help from me at all, and it is really handy! Santa has a very clear view of exactly what's been requested and what it costs, and that information can be forwarded by email to Santa, and to Grandma and Grandad, in seconds (with a quick accompanying note from me).

The app. can easily be found in the Play Store or Apple Store, it's small and downloads really quickly. There's a video here in case you want to know more...

My children were sent a small toy and a set of earphones in return for testing the Argos Wishlist app.


  1. This sounds great and perfect for my older boy as I have no idea what he is after this year!

    1. It works incredibly well, I'm really impressed. Rarely does an app. get everything right, but this one seems pretty spot on. Easy for the children, and easy for the adults - and we've already found it very handy! ;)

  2. I love the look of this app, such a great idea for kids to put their gift lists together but nothing really beats my memories of childhood, laying on the lounge floor with the Argos catalogue and a marker pen, circling things I'd like Santa to get me! x

    1. They're still doing that, but I have to say I have already checked that email while I was out and actually bought something because I was confident whereas I'd have dithered and missed the offer if there was just a list at home! :)

  3. The modern day equivalent of what we used to do. It's clever, and I'm sure my boys would enjoy it, but we love cutting and sticking our Christmas wish lists :) I used to cut and stick the argos - and the index! Ahhh, the index catalogue...

    1. As I sawthe photo of your son and his tablet creating his second wishlist I'm saying nothing :D

  4. It's a good idea. 7yo keeps adding more to her written list though

  5. You'd better send me a copy then, :)

  6. If only I had known about this sooner... actually maybe it is a good thing I didn't... Christmas could have cost a fortune! Looks awesome! :) x


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