Friday 21 November 2014

Slow Toys for Christmas...

I've been aware of the Slow Toys movement for the last couple of years, and I'm a huge fan of companies such as Wonderworld, Pintoys, Haba, Hape, Le Toy Van and I've reviewed for Green Toys, Orchard Toys and The Toadstool for a long while now.

Le Toy Van Doll's House Furniture Pintoy Fireman Wonderworld Eco-House
The Wonderworld Eco-House with Pintoy Firemen
Slow toys should allow a child to explore their world and play in any way that seems right to them, they stretch a child and develop a huge range of life skills.

Le Toy Van Wooden Fire Engine
Le Toy Van Wooden Fire Engine
Slow Toys are toys that aren't 'faddy', more classic and not based on a TV show or other character. They're traditionally wooden, although card is fine and plastic is included now as long as it meets the other criteria. Slow toys should not in the main take batteries or be powered other than by the user. They should ideally be produced in a sustainable way, with minimal impact on the Earth and it's inhabitants. 

Orchard Toys Shopping List Game
Orchard Toys Shopping List Game
It's been amazing this year to see the huge growth in this area with Tesco, ASDA and Wilkinson all selling their own ranges of interesting traditional wooden toys.  Although these mass produced toys may not have the same quality, and as yet the sustainability of materials and fair trade with other countries isn't quite so great, it's still a delight to see.

Wonderworld Play Kitchen with Green Toys Food and Equipment
Wonderworld Play Kitchen with Green Toys Food and Equipment
In part at least, the Slow Toys movement has succeeded. Parents with any level of income can afford to buy their children long-lasting toys and games that won't go out of fashion next week. Children who previously would not have had access to beautiful imaginative play with toys that aren't made from cheap plastic and metal can now enjoy them in their own homes.

The fabulous Wonderworld Eco-House with solar panels and windmill
The fabulous Wonderworld Eco-House with solar panels and windmill
A company new to the UK are Mokee. They have a strong ethical stance and mainly sell well-designed wooden cotbeds for babies and children, and are intending to bring us good quality toys too.
"Who says a basic cot needs to be boring? If you are looking for something classic but with a modern twist, moKee Mini Cot is the answer. Most baby furniture comes in white, or natural wood, but the Mokee pallet comes in a range of colours from ivory plum, grey stone, dusty aqua, stone teal to stone blue. The cot is only £65 and with a mattress it’s only £80. Measuring 120 x 60 cm, moKee Mini Cot is a perfect cosy addition to a baby bedroom for great value! That's not all, it’s easy to put together, suitable from birth up to three years old, due to its removable side panel. You can be sure that the choice you make will be a safe one. The cot has a breathable and strong MDF base, complying with the strict requirements of safety standard BS EN-716. Good news for eco parents,mokee Mini Cot is made of high quality birch wood sourced in preserved european forestry and has been painted with solvent free water based paint. Use your purchasing power to support eco-friendly product, which is good for your baby and less damaging to the environment. Don't forget that it looks really stylish too." Maciek from Mokee.

If you also like wooden and traditional toys which stimulate and educate while your children play, there are loads of reviews around now - here are some of my favourites...

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And finally, this may be from last year, but it's still under £10 and our favourite Orchard Toys game - Christmas Surprises

Christmas Surprises Game review from Orchard Toys

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  1. Such a great post and in all honesty, I wasn't sure what Slow Toys were until I read this even though I knew a lot of toys labelled as 'Slow Toys' were ones we loved, wooden ones! Love the look of those Tippiz and the thought of a new toy brand. Exciting times! Thanks for the linky love too :) x

    1. Thank you! That's really kind. I had to take out the photo of the Tippiz because it's still a secret and I hadn't realised, but they do look awesome :D x

  2. Some really good ideas for Christmas.

  3. I love these kind of toys. I am so excited to give my daughter her wooden dolls house at Christmas!


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