Saturday 14 February 2015

Stabilo Early Writing Materials for beginners.

My 6 year old is becoming a confident writer now. He's speeding up and isn't intimidated with having to write sentences or lists,and we're really proud of him. Our nearly 5 year old is still at the stage where writing his name is great, but anything more is tricky, so requires a lot of effort.

Stabilo early writing materials for children - EasyOriginal pen review

Correct pencil grip is vital at this stage so that neither of my boys have bad habits from the start. Holding the pen or pencil correctly means less strain on your hand and arm, neater handwriting and more pleasure from writing. Stabilo have a great range of products to help children who are learning to write, and they've sent us some for review.

Stabilo EASYOriginal Pen for right handed children

Stabilo EASYOriginal Pen for left handed children

The Stabilo EASYoriginal has been around for a long time. Available in several colours and especially handed to suit. My 6 year old is right handed, and my nearly 5 year old is left handed.

4 year old left handed boy writing with shaped pen

The Easyoriginal pens are the perfect size for both of my boys, and it is instantly easy to see and feel exactly how you should hold the pen because of the shape of the grip.

6 year old right handed boy writing with shaped pen

The EASYoriginal is refillable with cartridges. I like this a lot as it's much more environmentally friendly - and cheaper for the consumer - than a pen that goes in the bin when it's empty. Although this is an ink pen with a nib it doesn't run in the same way as felt tips, and it gives a nice clean line that doesn't smear if you are left-handed.

How the Stabilo EASYOriginal cartridge system works and comes apart

The nib is part of the refill cartridge, so if your child is a bit heavy handed you haven't ruined your new pen - something I've previously had to bear the cost for.

Stabilo EASYOriginal review Beginner writer specially shaped pen

My children's favourite bit though is the extra pen which came in the pack with the right-handed pen - a Colourkilla pen eraser. My boys have never seen one of these before, and they've learnt the hard lesson that pen doesn't rub out, so this is a real novelty. 

Stabilo Colourkilla pen eraser

We were also sent a pack of Stabilo Boss Mini Heroes highlighters each for the boys. These are great. Children love highlighters, and I think anyone would love the designs on these.

Even better - they have glow-in-the-dark features....And for some reason unknown my children have decided they should live in the Eco-house with the firemen....

Although we've shown the boys what the highlighters are for, they're mainly determined to use them as felt tips at the moment - and at this age that's fine. Any joy and fun involved with reading and writing will only encourage them...

I love the Stabilo range and I think that they make lovely stockingfillers and birthday presents. The pens really do help very much with correct grip, and my 6 year old feels very grown up with his.

The EASYOriginals prices are very fair for such good quality products that in my experience last a long time and don't let you down. The Highlighters are a little expensive, but I've bought them myself a couple of times over the years. You know you'll get something that highlights properly and doesn't smudge everything, and they last.

Stabilo Boss Mini Heroes Highlighters currently retail at £7.20 for 5
Stabilo EASYoriginals Refills currently retail at £1.62 for 3
Stabilo EASYoriginal is currently on offer at £4.99

We've previously reviewed some of the other items in the Stabilo range for Early Writers - including triangular shaped pencil crayons and felt tips to aid grip. You can find our review here...


  1. We have one of the pens and it was a godsend when Miss A was learning to write. It's such a great fit for little hands.

    1. It really is! My hands are a little too big, but both of the boys it fits like a glove :)

  2. Our son has only just got the hang of gripping his pen correctly and we found the Stabilo pens so useful. I love the look of those highlighters, I quite fancy some for myself!

    1. Hahaha....I love the highlighters. I keep threatening to confiscate them if I find the lids off :p

  3. Those pens are such a great design, anything that makes writing easier when they're learning is a good thing! x

    1. It is. I know I don't hold a pen correctly and I'm sure I've always suffered because of it :)

  4. These pens look great. love the design and quality.

    1. They are very cleverly designed. I love the cartridges ;)

  5. I had been looking at some of these pens and wondering if it would encourage my boy to write more. They look such a comfy grip, and he too would love to be able to rub things out!

    1. Being able to rub things out is stunning when you're a child - they've just learnt that pen is permanent and then I bring out the magic colourkilla :D


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