Wednesday 18 March 2015

100 Family Adventures with the Meek Family - book review

100 Family Adventures is a thick book full of fabulous activities that families can do together in any different situation or with any level of ability that you can think of. It has ideas for in the house, in the garden, on the beach or anywhere families can play.

100 Family Adventures with the Meek Family - book review

We really haven't got up to much the last couple of years, which is a real shame as our older children all went camping every couple of weeks throughout their childhoods, so it feels the little two miss out on that. Camping might be something for later in the year, but what can we get up to right now?

100 Family Adventures with the Meek Family - book review inside page

Wow. A quick look through this book and we have whittling, going for a walk, spending 24 hours without electricity, foraging for food, sleeping outside...well, if it ever stops raining.

How to teach kids to whittle with the Meek Family

The book is co-written by the entire family, with 'did you know?', 'Amy says' interesting facts, a joke from Ella and some clear, concise tips accompanying each activity. Each activity is shown entirely on one double page, so it's brilliant for children with small hands, and for reference - especially if you are outside in the wind and rain!

One of my favourite things about this book is that it teaches children to risk-assess, and take part in activities which teach them to use tools correctly, and give them genuine life skills. Very important parts of growing up.

Mother's Day one-pot meal from 101 Family Adventures with the Meek Family

I really like this book. It is full of inspiration. There are plenty of activities for everyone, and a large percentage are free! I've gone through it and had such amazing memories, and I've been reminded of things I've always wanted to try, and things we used to do and have forgotten. I think it's a brilliant book to go through with your children and as long as you've good shoes and a rain jacket, you need never be bored again.

The way 100 Family Adventures is written is really accessible and clear. There are lots of good colour photo's and supporting material, and my 6 year old has spent an hour or so reading this alone and randomly shouting "can we......?" every 4 minutes. A lovely book to really encourage you to get off your backside and do something different and exciting.

Book review 101 Family Adventures with the Meek Family visit a landmark

100 Family Adventures is published by Frances Lincoln Limited in a soft cover which is wipe clean. It has 100 Family Adventures and more, over approximately 220 pages. The rrp is £14.99

If you would like your own copy of 100 Family Adventures then I have a discount code which you can use until the end of the month. To order 100 Family Adventures at the discounted price of £12 including p&p* (RRP: £14.99) telephone 01903 828503 or email and quote the offer code APG286
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We were sent our copy of 100 Family Adventures for review. 


  1. Like the sound of that. We're not campers but we do like having adventures!

  2. I can imagine how many things you would have remembered having forgotten them over the years reading this book.

  3. We have this book and my 5yo was just like your 6yo reading it! Great book x

  4. What a great book. I would love have more 'adventures' together but we often struggle with ideas and end up sitting on our bums watching a film!!


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