Monday, 9 March 2015

A Monster's Moved In! Children's storybook review.

A Monster's Moved In! is  a children's story book written by Timothy Knapman and illustrated by Loretta Schauer. It's now one of my favourite books ever, and is a brilliant book to read with your children on a rainy afternoon. Hilarious and with a fantastic twist at the end..

A Monster's Moved In! by Timothy Knapman children's book review age 3-7

A Monster's Moved In! tells the story of a young boy named Barnaby who is stuck indoors on a rainy day. He doesn't have anyone to play with until he builds a den and a monster moves in....

The story is written in informal, friendly style, with lots of speech and short, snappy paragraphs. It's not too intimidating for a beginner reader even though there is quite a lot of text in total on each page.

A Monster's Moved In! children's book review age 3-7 inside illustration

The illustrations are lovely. There's loads happening in every picture and the characters are likeable and full of emotion. The text is at different angles and in different sizes and fonts, and my 6 year old likes that a lot because he's at a stage where he's practising reading with expression. My 4 year old likes it because he's learning to read, and a few important words per page really stand out, and he can spot them when we read aloud.

A Monster's Moved In! children's book review clever text and font use

A Monster's Moved In! is a really exciting book that has fabulous pace and carries the reader off with it. My boys giggle and chuckle and reading this with them is a really fun experience. It's not ideal for bedtime really, but perfect for daytime reading together, and even for giving your children some ideas on a rainy day. It makes the children want to play and create their own dens and monster caves, and that is never a bad thing....

A Monster's Moved In! children's book review 6 year old reading in bed

A Monster's Moved In! is published by Little Tiger Press and has 32 pages in hardback slightly larger than A4 size. The RRP is £10.99. Highly recommended for children and monsters aged around 3-7.

We were sent our copy of A Monster's Moved In! for review.


  1. This book look very interesting and lovely illustration. Beautiful!

    1. It's gorgeous isn't it. I love these illustrations with a modern home in the background :)

  2. I can't wait until LP has the patience to read a book that long - we are still very much at the picture book stage. I love reading kids books! x


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