Saturday, 14 March 2015

Swizzels Spring Selection Tub and Weekly Hamper Giveaway

This Spring, Swizzels Matlow have released a brand new Swizzels Spring Selection tub full of all your favourites - Love Hearts, Parma Violets, Drumstick Lorries, Double Lollies and more. We have the awful job of reviewing the Spring Selection...

Swizzels Spring Selection Tub and Weekly Hamper Giveaway

The tub weighs 750g and it has a HUGE amount of Swizzels Matlow favourites inside...

Swizzels Spring Selection Bucket Review contents of tub

The quality of the sweets has actually improved in our opinion. In this whole tub every single item was perfectly wrapped and we only had 1 stray loose Parma Violet. Very impressive. The taste is as good as ever and there were no complaints here...

One of our very favourite things is that Swizzels Matlow sweets are clearly labelled, so me and my 3 veggie kids know which we can have!! Even better, we can have almost all of them! Brilliant!!

Swizzels Matlow Vegetarian Sweets
Suitable For Vegetarians
Drumstick Lolly and Double lolly
Not Suitable For Vegetarians

 Also this Spring, Swizzels Matlow are asking people to share their #sweetmemories. Tell them your story, or send them a photo and you could be one of the weekly winners of a fabulous hamper of Swizzels goodies - every week between now and the end of December! You have an excellent chance because there can't be too many entries each week. The competition page is on their website here. You can also enter via Facebook and Twitter. 

Swizzels Spring Selection Bucket giveaway

In case you don't win their competition, you have a second chance. Swizzels Matlow have kindly offered one of their new Spring Selection Tubs for one of my readers. Entry is by Gleam form and my giveaway page is here...

Swizzels Spring Selection review

The Swizzels Spring Selection Tub has a recommended price of £5 and is currently available from ASDA, Sainsbury's and Tesco.


  1. Wow I didn't notice these when I did my shop this week! Will have to add them onto my order for next week! These selection tubs are great for rewards, picnics, after school snacks - you name it. We're just finishing off the last of our swizzels sweet shop favourite tin I bought at christmas! :)

    1. Excellent timing then! It's a great value tub and it'll even last us a while. They all thought I was mean today only letting them have thing each for pudding - but I get the impression you're as strict about that as me :)

  2. I love a tub of sweets, especially Swizzles. This looks fab! Great alternative to chocolate for this time of year too x

    1. There is something so familiar and nostalgic about them - I'd have gone daft if I'd seen this many sweets at once when I was little though :)

  3. Ohhhhhh nicely done! Not great for my diet... when I was pregnant, my craving was Drumstick lollies, could not get enough of them!!x

  4. Replies
    1. Hiya Stephanie, sorry I didn't see this before - they are noit I'm afraid. The Double Lollies have beef gelatine and so aren't vegetarian or vegan. The top photo shows all the veggie ones :)


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