Tuesday 28 April 2015

Fabulous Dishrack Review!!

I thought I'd inject a little excitement into the post from the start....

Blogging, like life, isn't all about LEGO and days out. The more mundane has to happen too. Washing the pots is something we all have to do. Well, you might think it's entirely devoid of glamour, but it's just not true. I've been sent the gorgeous Extend Expandable Dishrack With Draining Plug from Joseph Joseph to try out.

Extend Expandable Dishrack With Draining Plug from Joseph Joseph review

Joseph Joseph are a company who really do make gorgeous kitchenwares that do the job well. Design is everything, and it's not just about how it looks, it's about how it functions too. The Extend dishrack actually incredibly handy in several ways.

Extend Expandable Dishrack Draining Plug Joseph Joseph review expansion

Firstly it does extend as you'd expect, and it's infinitely adjustable from 32cm - 52cm due to the way it extends, so it'll fit in any space you need it to, and hold a very useful amount of pots.

Extend Expandable Dishrack Joseph review two parts

The dishrack is mainly raised higher than usual on legs, and water underneath drains very well, so if you live in an area where the peat content of your water is as high as ours, you don't collect 'mud' underneath. The bottom section is the 'tank' when you are not draining over a sink, and has plenty of room for the suds from a full dishrack of pots.

Extend Expandable Dishrack Joseph legs how high from surface

The Joseph Joseph Extend Dishrack is equipped with a great drain plug that means you can use it on a table or any other surface. It can be an additional dishrack, or in conditions where you don't have a draining board or space is tight. It's actually a bit big for taking away in the camper van, but brilliant for camping and caravanning.

Extend Expandable Dishrack Joseph plug socket

The drain plug comes apart completely for washing, and has a great spout which swivels away to the side for putting away or transporting the dishrack. It's easily taken apart, and I have found my kids have dismantled it 'accidentally' a few times.

Extend Expandable Dishrack Joseph spout tilt and turn

On top of the tray is drainer with steel prongs that are covered in a rubberised plastic at the tip. This not only protects your delicate crockery and glassware, but actually it means larger things don't tend to slip as they sometimes do with a regular plastic drainer and you suddenly have to develop lightening reactions, 5 arms and prevent a dinner plate landslide onto the floor.

Extend Expandable Dishrack Joseph drainer and cutlery

There is also a removeable cutlery drainer that is brilliant because it's large and holds all my cutlery, and can be repositioned almost anywhere on the drainer - really handy when you're washing large items like trays and bowls and need to fit them on.

Extend Expandable Dishrack Joseph rubber tipped drainer and cutlery

The drainer doesn't hold lots of pots, the prongs are very widely spaced, a little too widely if you have a large amount of washing. This is by no means full, but it gives you an idea. I think this drainer is ideal if you are washing and drying at the same time, if there are 4 or less of you, or if you are camping or caravanning, and it's certainly ideal for anyone short on space or without an integral draining board at the side of their sink.

Selection of pots on Joseph Extend Draining Dishrack Drainer review

Dishracks have never been glamorous, but I think Joseph Joseph have come very close. I love it when companies take a completely mundane everyday object and make it special and beautiful, and I feel that's happened here. I immediately replaced my old boring dishrack and I don't want it back!

The Joseph Joseph Extend Expandable Dishrack With Drain Plug has an rrp of £55 - currently available exclusively at John Lewis.


  1. I didn't realise a dish rack could be so impressive. I am impressed!

  2. I love Joseph Joseph kitchenware and this looks great, I like the way it expands! Oh and you have Mister B's favourite plate on there, his beloved Mr Bump plate! lol

    1. Awww, the Mr Bump plate is getting on a bit now, but he's still a favourite here too :D

  3. I do love the Joseph and Josep products and this does look really nice. Does anyone dry up these days? I always leave mine to dry :p

    1. Probably not very often :D We all know now that it's healthier to leave them than have sopping wet tea towels harbouring all sorts :)


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