Monday 13 April 2015

What's New in LEGO for April - including LEGO Dimensions and win a Gold Bionicle Mask!

Over Easter there were a few announcements in the land of LEGO.  We have the LEGO Mixels series 4 challenge, the LEGO Bionicle Mask Hunt and information about the new LEGO Dimensions. Sadly not as yet the release of the Simpson's Kwik E Mart, for that we have to wait until May 1st.

What's New in LEGO for April LEGO Mixels series 4

LEGO sent us 3 of the LEGO Mixels series 4 and asked us to create a whole new character using the parts. That's been a couple of afternoons well spent as a family....

LEGO Mixels series 4 characters

Our 15 year  old girl loves the fiery Mixels, the 5 year old is all about the blue and black 'monster Mixels' and I am loving the spacey ones in Buzz Lightyear's green and white.

LEGO Mixels series 4 mix it up Spring 2015

But mix them up and you really have something unique and special. I can't remember all the special features, but I'm pretty sure the tall red one has lazer vision....

LEGO Mixels series 4 mix it up Spring 2015

Proud Mum moment though is what my 5 year old created all by himself. It even has fold in wings. A true Junior Master Builder. You can see all of the LEGO blogger creations on Instagram and Twitter by searching #Mixmaxmurp

LEGO Mixels series 4 mix it up character by 5 year old

LEGO have announced their global #BionicleMaskHunt. This is a brilliant competition whereby anyone can enter and you can win your very own 14 carat gold Mask Of Power! All you need to do to enter is find objects around you that look like one of the 6 Bionicle Masks Of Power - Fire, Water, Ice, Jungle, Earth and Stone. Upload your images to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #BionicleMaskHunt

LEGO Bionicle Mask Hunt win a gold mask of power

Examples of the type of photo LEGO want to see, plus the t's&c's are shown on the LEGO Bionicle Facebook page here... 6 entrants will win each week, and those 36 winners will all fight it out for the 6 top prizes. The last week to enter is the week beginning 4th May - so you have plenty of time to get your entries in! Best of luck!

LEGO have also now released some details about the upcoming LEGO Dimensions game and sets. It won't go live until September, but it looks like a really interesting range that my 2 little boys are going to really want. Featuring a good few friendly faces including Wyldstyle, Batman and, erm, the Yellow Brick Road.... You can find out more from the website, and by following the #BreakTheRules hashtag, but here's a trailer...

 Whatever LEGO you're playing with this month - make sure you have plenty of fun! 
LEGO castle made by 5 and 6 year olds

LEGO Family Blogger The Brick Castle


  1. The Mixels look great, something I think Mister B would love. What an amazing creation by your 5yr old!! Well done to him!

    1. Mixels are fab - and they're only £3 each, so my boys get them as rewards for getting 5 smiley faces on their charts :)

  2. They look awesome! Brilliant! Will get some for my collections!


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